Raspberry Ketones & Weight Loss

Raspberry ketone is a natural phenolic compound that is responsible for the heavenly aroma of red raspberries. And according to this Planta Medica study, it’s also a potent fat burner.

raspberry ketones

Tested on a group of portly lab mice, it was discovered that raspberry ketone increased both the expression and secretion of adiponectin. This is important because adiponectinis a protein hormone which modulates a number of metabolic processes, including glucose regulation and fatty acid catabolism. Past research into adiponectin has shown that your levels of adiponectin are inversely correlated with your body fat percentage

  • Higher adiponectin = lower levels of body fat.

During this latest study, this theory was re-affirmed as the formerly fat lab mice melted off a ton of body-fat. And if weight loss isn’t enough, higher levels of adiponection have been shown to control the metabolic derangements that may result in type 2 diabetes,obesity, atherosclerosis, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and metabolic syndrome.

As a result of all of this, the researchers concluded that Raspberry Ketone “holds great promise as an fat-burning, health-improving herbal medicine.


Expect to see Raspberry Ketones included in more & more fat burner supplements. .



  1. Finally something that’s good for you and tastes good too! Thanks for the info!

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  3. I used creatine with raspberry ketones in it a while back, noticing that while the creating helped out as usual, i was a lot more cut. They live up to their research.

  4. Hey,
    Do you think it’s just raspberry or any berry is good for fat loss?

  5. If we’re looking at the research specifically, I haven’t seen anything on blueberry ketones, etc….

    But, common sense would tell me that raspberries can’t be the only fruit/veg with this fat burning property.

    For me, the specific research on raspberry ketones is interesting, but I wouldn’t count on a daily Raspberry ketone pill to be a magic fat-burning pill. But, I am also pretty sure that a bowl of raspberries is a lot better for my body than a bowl of ice cream

  6. anyone know where I can purchase a bottle of pure raspberry ketone in Toronto?


  7. Chris – I don’t know of any major supplement companies selling a standalone RK product (Biotest has used it as part of their fat burner for years)

    However, you can buy RK powder in bulk from wholesalers who have been selling it as a flavoring agent for years & years.

    That’s what I think the small companies who sell RK are doing – buying a 100kg tub of RK, repackaging it in 500 g tubs, marking up the price and selling it to you

  8. Wow! This is interesting stuff. Historically, I have avoided fruit, in general, because of the extraordinarily high simple-sugar content, and the huge glucose response that accompanies eating fruit. I may have to start making an exception for raspberries…

  9. to healthyhabits.
    you mention purchasing this from wholesaler. So how does a regular consumer get access to wholesale product if we’re not a retailer or restaurant or manufacturer?

    Do you have a name and contact of a supplier?

  10. Raspberry ketone had some interesting results uptodate
    it looks like a promising fat binder, i wonder if they can mix some with ice cream ( i mean with the flavour )

  11. raspberry ketones are useful especially because you don’t have to eat industrial quantities of raspberry though eating raspberry is a real treat, but as someone says it would mean to ingest sugars that triggers some fat deposits…but extracting the active principles from raspberry is definitely a plus because it will do the job without sugars.

  12. Unfortunately, the study they refer to was with mice who were given raspberry ketones in such a high amount that it comprised 2% of their diet (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raspberry_ketone). Unless someone has a supplement that includes a hundred grams of the stuff, these 75-500mg capsules in the internet links above are so underdosed as to be laughable.

  13. Hey Matt

    It’s a preliminary study (hence the mice) and as such they are a long way from determining a minimum effective dose for humans….or mice.

    For the sake of the supplement buying public, it would be nice to see a test performed on humans to determine if the range you mentioned is effective or not. But as we both know, these initial studies are great fodder for the supplement hype machine. They don’t need conclusive evidence to sell product.

  14. So, this info about raspberry ketones was just on Dr. Oz. They recommend taking 200mg per day with breakfast. To get the same amount of keytones from the actual berry you would need to ingest 90lbs of raspberries.

  15. http://superior1.wordpress.com/2011/05/04/raspberry-ketone/

    I found the article above and it explains how important it is to find the highest quality of RK to benefit anyone. This article explains the differences of RK ingredients available in supplements. It also gives you a list of the only 3 known companies that use the highest quality and beneficial component of RK in their products. I have no Idea if these three companies are connected and that is why they are making this claim or if the product i purchased is standardized; however it will educate you about the types of RK ingredients and how they work for your body.

    I chose to purchase RK500 by Serious Nutrition solutions. They appear to have the highest purest content of RK on the market.

    I can not wait to try it! I have autoimmune Hypothyroid and family history of Diabetes on both sides. My teenage son also struggles with his weight and even after 3 months of football practice 2+ hours a day (two weeks of that daily doubles of 6 hrs a day)

    he only lost 6 lbs and only one inch around his waist.

    Yes he has been tested for thyroid too. He has been seeing a endocrinologist and nutritionist regularly since the age of 6 when he became obese according to the charts and BMI.

    He has been tested for everything.

    Best of luck to all of you I hope you all find this article helpful.

  16. @DonnaForan – SND Canada carries a fat burner with raspberry ketones among the ingredients -http://www.sndcanada.com/phd_fat_catalyst_60_capsules_60_capsules.html

  17. […] Raspberry ketones are a product that uses a natural ingredient found in raspberries.  This protein hormone, adiponectin, is a recent discovery that is already known for its antioxidant properties, and is proving to be a source of keen interest for many people in the fitness and weight loss world. […]

  18. […] Raspberry ketones are a product that uses a natural ingredient found in raspberries to produce the protein hormone adiponectin. Recently it has been discovered only in research with mice, that adiponectin, already known for its antioxidant properties, may also aid in the loss of body fat. […]

  19. Hello! Can yo tell me if this has any adverse reactions, since it is a hormone regulator….example, for people with thyroid or pituitary diseases? (I don’t have them, but I am curious for recommendation to patients and family) Also, where is the most reputible site to purchase from? There are obviously a ton of online retailers and manufacturers, and I dont know how to determine where to get the purest form. Thank you for your help!

  20. It’s still fairly unknown right now, but all the manufacturers are jumping on the bandwagon and you should see a lot of diff brands in stores very soon. For right now, it’s best to go online to a site like bodybuilding.com and look for manufacturers

  21. If you want to be able to buy RK, you have to create the demand.  SO…..ask your pharmacist to bring it in.  They won’t do so if there is no demand for it.

  22. Sice Dr. Oz mentioned RK on his show, health food stores are all scrambling to stock their shelves

  23.  @mabegute
     I’m very curious to hear if you had your son take the RK as well.  I’ve been looking on line to see if RK is safe for kids.  I have a 10 year old who struggles with weight but is very, very active like your son.  Any information you have would be appreciated.

  24. this is my first day taking rk keeping my fingers crossed that it works i would love to loose some weight but i am mainly taking them because i have no energy and a very slow metabolism’ so with any luck i can see some results with in a month..

  25. I have been taking these pills for 3 months now and have noticed none of my clothes fit anymore. My largest pair of.jeans now have to be pinned to fit me. I also have tons of extra energy. Love them!!!!

  26. Is this just another magic pill/fad? I would like to see some real scientific evidence or studies from a credible source and not Dr. Oz. Geez do you think Oz will try to capitalize on this similar to gree coffee bean and other vitamins with h is name.

  27. can you please tell me what kind of diet you are on I just started taking RK,,,2 times a day and try to eat better…ty

  28. I would be concerned abut the high BP. I haven’t seen any studies looking at RK & hypertension, but if it was me, I would err on the side of caution and skip the RK.

    If you want to look at weight loss supps, I would feel more comfortable with Green Coffee Bean extract as it has a BP lowering effect – http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16419643

    You may also want to check this out with your doc AND check your BP before/during supplementation. Even with some positive science and a doctor’s okay, it would be a great idea to check your BP before popping a GCB pill and every 15 min for a few hours to see how you respond.

    Feel free to comment back if you have any questions…glad to help

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