California Soda Tax will raise $1.7 Billion

California Assemblyman Bill Monning, has proposed a state-wide bill – AB 669 – that would levy a 1 cent per fluid ounce tax on any beverage with added caloric sweeteners, such as soda pop, sweet teas and sports drinks.

Preliminary estimates figure that Bill AB-669 would raise $1.7 billion annually in California, with most of that revenue going towards health related programs for children.

Initially, all funds raised by the new soda tax will be deposited in the newly created Children’s Health Promotion Fund.

From there, they would be allocated to the State Department of Public Health for the purposes of statewide child obesity prevention activities and programs.

  • 20% will be used to coordinate statewide childhood obesity prevention activities and to fund state-levels childhood obesity prevention and children’s dental programs.
  • 35% for community-based childhood obesity prevention programs.
  • 10% to evidence-based prevention, early recognition, monitoring and weight management intervention activities in the medical setting.
  • 35% to elementary and secondary schools for educational, environmental, policy and other public health approaches that promote nutrition and physical activity.


How much do you want to bet that there will be a flood of other state legislatures following California’s lead in the coming months?

Here come the fat taxes…ready or not.




  1. I think it’s a good start.

    Next we should put a tax on High Fructose Corn Syrup and all products that contain it.

    Following that, tax the producers of meats and poultry that have been fed antibiotics, hormones and chemicals that are so harmful to the animals and those who consume them.

    I guess you can see where I’m coming from…change our health by changing what we eat, ultimately, we are what we eat.

  2. This is atrocious! Apparently the constitution can secure our freedom to drink what we like but the government has once again found it’s way into our pocket books. The government should have no part, taxes or otherwise, in what I eat or drink. If it’s legal and I wish to put it in my body, nobody should be able to charge me additional money over the sales tax.

    In addition, any programs to teach children about health or nutrition are completely unnecessary. They should be taught some nutrition in their general education but additional funds and programs are nothing more than a money pit the taxpayers are going to be hit with. Nutrition is a very simple concept. I could teach any person the basics they would need to eat healthy in a matter of 15 minutes. Not to mention these are lessons that should be taught by parents.

    And for any of you that wish to bring up the costs of obesity on our society…well that is a flaw in the government as well. If they didn’t pay for these fat people and made them accountable for themselves, the expense on our government would dwindle. I can assure you if people were paying their own medical bills they might wise up about what they eat.

  3. Not only is the government paying part of the cost of obesity (direct & indirect), so are you through increased insurance payments, lost productivity, etc.

  4. I think this is a great idea. Who knows… the future may have junk food taxes just to slow down peoples bad habits. Who knows how much it would really help. People seem to still smoke and drink regardless of if there are high taxes on those items.

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  6. Yes lets TAX everything in the grocery stare as that is the goal… YOU wanna stop obesity .. START BY REGULATING THE BUFFET

  7. I GUESS you don’t HAVE!!!! a problem with increased TaXeS due to soaring HEALthCarE costs due to to metabolic syndrome caused by poor lifestyle choices.

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