Toronto's kids are lazy…How about yours?

According to this report by Get ACTIVE Toronto, 93 per cent of Toronto’s kids aren’t getting their recommended level (60 min) of daily activity. This includes walking to and from school.

In contrast, the average 12-19 year old Torontonian spends 2.75 hours in front of a computer or tv screen.

And it’s not just Toronto.

This U.S. research shows that 20% of Americans between the ages of 24 and 32 have high blood pressure.

We (the grown-ups) are turning our kids into unhealthy little butterballs.

  • We’ve cancelled P.E. classes in public schools
  • We can’t find teachers or volunteers to help coach sport teams
  • We drive our kids to school instead of letting them walk
  • We’re afraid to let them out to play after school
  • We feed them processed food instead of making something from scratch
  • We buy them X-Boxes instead of basketballs

So, what are you going to do about it?

  • Take away the video games?
  • Make a real meal for dinner tonight?
  • Sit down and eat with your kids at the dinner table?
  • Contact a group like Kaboom and help re-claim a playground for your kids?
  • Ask for guidance from groups like Get Active Toronto?
  • Pester your local politicians for help?
  • Ask your neighbors to pester your local politician?
  • Let your kid walk to school?
  • Shoot hoops with your kid after work?
  • Go for a walk with your kid?
  • Nothing?
  • Watch your kids get sick?
  • Watch our healthcare costs go through the roof?




  1. Doug, couldn’t agree with you more. The only thing is that we are big unhealthy butterballs raising bigger unhealthier ones.

  2. Darn you and your logic Ron.

    You’re right of course – the parents have to lead by example.

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