Instant Exercise Motivation #5

Don’t feel like exercising today?

Watch This!!!

Under Armour Women’s “Lindsey Vonn” from Shilo on Vimeo.

Now…stop surfing the net and go get sweaty.


  1. Sorry, no motivation here. The only reason I’ll be working out today is because I need to make up the Day 3 workout I didn’t do yesterday. And I’m dreading it, because the other two have made me sore all week. Being in constant pain is NOT a good motivator.

  2. I’d agree with the first commenter, no change in motivation here for me either. But that’s only because I am actually in charge of my level of motivation. I don’t leave it up to some random external factor to help me be motivated; I get my head working for me, and feel motivated naturally.

    You can learn how to do the same as me, so you never have to be at the mercy of your motivation again. How nice would that be?

    Keep up the good work,
    George SuperBootCamps

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