Wanna Lose Weight…..Wanna Bet?

Picture this….three pasty, pudgy middle-aged guys sitting on a beach in Hawaii making fun of how pudgy they are.

In no time flat, the good natured smack-talk combines with their swollen male egos and comments turn into dares and dares turn into bets.

And these bets turned into FatBet….. a fully functional website where you:

  1. Sign up for a free account.
  2. Start a Fatbet.
  3. Set your weight-loss goal, enter an end date for the Fatbet, and create a Fatbet wager.
  4. Send people you know a Fatbet challenge.
  5. Enter your weight daily or as often as you like at Fatbet.net.
  6. Track your personal and Fatbet group progress on the Leaderboard and Charts. Use the Message Board to amuse and fire up your group.
  7. When the Fatbet ends, all who reach their weight-loss goals win. Those who don’t pay the Fatbet wager.

Here’s what it looks like

And just in case you think that FatBet would never work...check out the science