Bike Wrappers : For cyclists who like to keep their brains inside their head

In March, I almost ran over a cyclist.

I was driving on a busy Toronto street. It was dark. The street lights were on. One second he wasn’t there…the next second he was….right in front of me….dressed in dark clothes….with no visible bike lights.

I swerved….he lived….and I swore like a sailor.

Fast forward to May 23

BikeWrappers Dusk


The creator of Bike Wrappers emails me and asks if I would like to review his product.

Initially, I was going to turn down his proposition as I didn’t think his product was a great fit for Health Habits.

  • But then I thought about that goof on his bicycle.
  • And then I went to the Bike Wrapper website and watched this video.


With those light sabers attached to his bike, there is no way that goofball sneaks up on me and almost gives me a heart attack.

So I decide to do the review.

Fast forward a few days…and I get my set of Bike Wrappers in the mail. That same evening, I slap them on my bike and go for a ride up and down my relatively dark residential street.

Holy crap.

I glowed in the dark. It was amazing. The video doesn’t do it justice. Pedestrians walking on the sidewalk stared at me. I spent half an hour talking about my glowing bicycle with my neighbors. People asked to take a spin.

And I didn’t get run over by a car. (technically, no one was driving on my street…but you get the point)

  • Great product.
  • Can’t recommend it highly enough.
  • Seriously.

If you or someone you loves rides their bike at night, it’s money well spent.

Here’s a link to the online store.


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  1. Great Product, however I’d like to see more high visability clothing on cyclists.

    Why not go the whole hog and have the bikes illuminated like the light cycles in Tron.

  2. Too funny – I thought about using a Tron bike video in this article, but I decided to be all serious and pro-safety

    Missed opportunity I think

  3. These are great for added visibility, but in Holland and other countries where biking is quite common, it is absolutely obligatory to have front and BACK lights on your bike or you get a hefty fine. People are used to bike lights — if they saw these wrapper type lights, it would distract them. Anyway, it’s what you’re used to and I see the merits of this product, but they can never be a substitute for properly mounted and working front and rear lights

  4. We’re idiots over here when it comes to cycling. Cyclists ignore the rules of the road and drivers ignore cyclists (hello door prize…ouch)

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