All Diets are High Fat Diets

A pound of body-fat is equal to 3500 calories or 389 grams of ooey-gooey fat.

This means that when you “lose” a  pound of body-fat, you have transformed 3500 calories of fat into usable energy. *

Continuing this argument – if you follow a “sensible diet” and lose 2 lbs per week, you would have metabolized 7000 body-fat calories per week or 1000 body-fat calories per day.

But what about the calories you eat?

For arguments sake, let’s assume that you are someone who can eat 2000 cal per day and still lose 2 lbs of body-fat  in a week.

  • This means that in addition to the 2000 cal of food you eat every day, you are also metabolizing 1000 body-fat calories per day….. for a total caloric burn of 3000 calories per day.
  • And if my math is correct, this means that even if you eat 100% fat-free, your “diet” is still made up of at least 33% body-fat (1000 cal body-fat ÷ 3000 total cal).

And that sounds like a high-fat diet to me.

But what if you can’t lose weight on 2000 calories of food per day?

What if you have to drop calories to 1500 per day to achieve a 2 lb per week fat loss?

  • 1500 cal of totally fat-free  food + 1000 cal of body-fat = 2500 total cal per day
  • 1000 cal of body-fat = 40% of the total daily caloric intake

And if you drop down as low as 1000 cal per day to get your 2 lb per week fat loss?

That’s a 50% fat diet even if all your food is fat-free.

And that’s why I say that All Diets are High Fat Diets.


NOTE: The 3500 calories = 1 lb of bodyfat is a generalized estimate. I have worked with lots of clients who would dispute the belief that a reduction of 3500 calories guarantees a loss of 1 lb of body-fat.