The Best HIIT Workout Of ALL Time

HIIT workouts are all about intensity. The goal is to generate huge amounts of power & speed in a relatively short period of time…over and over again with the smallest possible rest periods.

  • If the resistance is too high, you don’t get the speed.
  • If the resistance is too low, you don’t get the power
  • If the rest periods are too short, you don’t get the power or speed or volume and you’ll probably puke.
  • If the rest periods are too long, you’ll get power & speed but you’ll never develop any anaerobic endurance.

Honestly, designing a really good HIIT workout is more art than science.

And my client Zoe is turning into one heck of a HIIT workout artist. Last week, she tells me that she modified one of my take-home workouts and created her own HIIT workout. And while a lesser trainer would have been insulted and thrown a hissy fit…I was intrigued. So, we programmed the Gymboss interval timer and Zoe showed me her HIIT workout. Enjoy.

  • Sprint full out for 10 seconds
  • Rest 10 seconds
  • Sprint full out for 10 seconds
  • Rest 20 seconds
  • Sprint full out for 10 seconds
  • Rest 30 seconds
  • Sprint full out for 10 seconds
  • Rest 40 seconds
  • Sprint full out for 10 seconds
  • Rest 50 seconds
  • Sprint full out for 10 seconds
  • Done
For a grand total of 6 sprints in 210 seconds or 3 1/2 minutes
The pyramid effect of the rest periods allowed Zoe to:
  1. Maximize the volume of HIIT work performed – she did this HIIT workout 3x as part of a very challenging HIRT workout
  2. Keep her resistance level high
  3. Keep her speed level high
  4. Recover sufficently during the HIIT session
  5. Recover completely very quickly post workout
It’s a great HIIT workout.
And as Zoe’s athletic ability improves, we can increase the intensity of this workout by throwing in an extra 10:10 ratio HIIT sprint….or perform 2 sessions back to back….or make it part of an endurance cardio workout….
The options are endless.

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  1. I am a true believe of HIIT, I remember a time where I thought that I would never be able to run fast or get past 3 miles. Once I started incorporating HIIT into my routine, I have unbelievable endurance and strength, now I smoke check a lot of the guys I work with and I’ve ran 10 miles and not wanted to die, lol. Thanks for the workout!

  2. Gymboss has a new timer that can handle complex intervals.

    However, since I haven’t bought mine yet, we used the old one, set it for 10 second intervals and counted beeps during the rest periods

  3. I just ordered my Gymboss MAX

    Also, I am going to record a video of this HIIT workout later in the week

  4. I’ve been doing a lot more HIIT & HIRT recently, definitely making a difference. However, one concern I have, especially on the sprinting side is injuries. In the past, intervals was when I got injured the most while running. How do you mitigate this risk? I noticed some knee pain coming back in the past couple of weeks following some HIIT sprints I introduced into my running, am I overdoing it?

  5. […] are a bad thing to have. HIIT gets rid of elevated fasting glucose levels better than cardio.Do more HIIT.In addition to elevated glucose levels, it’s pretty common for obese adults with metabolic […]

  6. We find that not many people are aware of what HIIT is and what the benefits are. If you want to build muscle whilst maintaining/increasing your aerobic fitness, High Intensity Interval Training is an excellent way of burning fat and keeping fit whilst maintaining your muscle mass.

    Interesting HIIT Routine, 10 seconds may not seem long but if you’re going flat out, you should definitely feel it. If you’re prone to injuries, make sure you walm up properly before going for it.

  7. I rememembered when I was led to believe that I could lose fat by dieting. When I finally accepted that you really gotta do the work if you want to lose fat, it was just a matter of looking for a HIIT program that is specially designed for busy people

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