Can Mom's Home Cooking Overcome Your Cravings for Junk Food?

You live in a society where food is abundant.

Unfortunately, your genetics don’t know that.

They think you live in a world where food is scarce.

  • And as a result of your genetic ignorance, you are running around in a body that is programmed to crave sweet, fatty, salty, high-calorie food.
  • It’s also designed to emotionally reward you for eating sweet, fatty, salty, high-calorie food.

And because of those cravings & rewards, more & more of us are getting fatter & sicker as we choose to eat pizza instead of vegetables.

Will power doesn’t stand a chance.

However, a new study suggests that there my be a way to override this genetic imperative.

The secret….home cooked meals with friends & family.

Davey…aren’t you gonna eat your vegetables???

The Science

Observing a group of 160 non-obese women, researchers found that “at-home meals (AHM) were followed by more intense positive emotions and less worry than were away from home (AFH) meals. As expected, home meals that were healthier than a person’s baseline meals were followed by more intense positive emotions, with a relation of opposite direction being observed in AFH settings. At home, more intense pre-meal positive emotions cued healthier next-meal eating patterns than did those at baseline, with no such relation being observed in AFH settings”.

They concluded that “the home is a privileged environment that nurtures healthy eating and in which healthier food choices trigger and are triggered by more positive emotions.”

New studies are being designed to look at specific healthy eating strategies involving  “interpersonal communications, home design and atmospheric cues” including “music, dining landscape, and kitchen equipment, which have all been found to induce positive emotions in both everyday and laboratory contexts.”


It won’t kill you to sit down and have dinner with family and friends.

And you may even drop a few pounds.