There Is No "Best Diet"

  • I love the Paleo Diet.
  • I love telling people about the Paleo Diet.
  • I love telling them how great it is for losing weight.
  • I love telling them how great it is for improving blood pressure and cholesterol and blood sugar…

And yet, when I talk online with a single mom who works two crappy jobs in order to keep a roof over her family’s head, I realize that the Paleo Diet is far from perfect. Availability and cost are a significant barrier for Paleo wannabes.

The same holds true for Atkins and the Zone and the Mediterranean Diets.

And if it isn’t cost or availability, another reason many diets aren’t “best” is that the recipes are too complicated for the general public.

We live in a world where kids are no longer learning how to cook. Take-out and re-heating crap in the microwave has replaced home-ec  and cooking from scratch. Some of today’s youth can’t even identify different varieties of fresh vegetables.

And what about time?

Back in the day, Mrs. Cleaver had all afternoon to whip up dinner for Ward and the boys. Who has that much time on their hands nowadays?

Not our single mom with two kids.

She emailed me last week asking for advice on how she could possibly manage to feed her family Paleo meals on a severely fixed income in a neighborhood without fresh produce. She wants to feed her kids healthy food, but her life is getting in the way.

There Is No Best Diet….not even Paleo

So, what did we do?

We came up with a relatively healthy Paleo-esque hybrid that made the best of her income, free time, cooking skills and food sources. I also put her in contact with some healthy food co-ops in her area and recommended some cooking manuals she could take out from her neighborhood library.

It’s not perfect, but it’s better.

It’s the best possible diet for her current circumstances. And as those circumstances change, so will her diet (I hope).

And that’s how we should be judging the effectiveness of the latest fad diet.

Not just by their amazing claims of rapid weight loss or miracle health improvements. But also by…

  • the TIME required to prepare meals
  • the COST of those meals
  • the AVAILABILITY of the ingredients

There Is No “Best Diet”…but there is a best diet for your life.

And since my eBook,  A Paleo Diet for the 21st Century is totally free, that should help with the cost element of eating Paleo 🙂