HIIT Challenge Workout

Try this HIIT workout tonight at the gym.

  • Hop up onto a stationary exercise bike – standard, recumbant or spin bike.
  • Set the bike to a challenging resistance level
  • Perform one 10-second sprint as fast as possible
  • Count the number of  revolutions your right foot performs
  • Remember the number of revs (let’s say you did 28 revs in 10 seconds)

Now for the fun stuff.

  • I want you to give me five 10-second sprints with a minimum of 27 revs .
  • 26 revs doesn’t count
  • 25 revs doesn’t count
  • Only 27 and above

If you’re lucky, you will hit 27 or above on your first 5 sprints.

If you’re unlucky, it might take 10 or more sprints to get all 5 – 27 rev sprints

But, I doubt it…You’ll be surprised how hard you can push yourself in order to get those 27 revs.

Note – Shorter rest periods are going to make this even more difficult. As such, I recommend starting with a 10 sec sprint : 50 sec rest protocol the first time you try this workout.