Instant Exercise Motivation #8 – ESPN's Body Issue – 2011

ESPN just released their “Body Issue” for 2011.

And what’s better than a collection of incredibly fit, incredibly talented, incredibly sexy human bodies to motivate our collective ass up off our collective couch.

Get your ass to the gym people.

Sylvia Fowles - WNBA All-Star
Jon "Bones" Jones - UFC MMA Champeen
Apolo Anton Ohno - Speed Skating Legend
Suzy Hotrod – Roller Derby Bad-Ass 
Alicia Sacramone - World Champion Gymnast
Gretchen Bleiler - Snowboard Champion
Ryan Kesler - NHL All-Star


  1. Looking at something I’ll never obtain, because my job isn’t in sports so I can’t spend my entire day working out? Pretty to look at, yes; motivation, no.

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  3. That’s a pretty lame excuse for not working out: two high intensity weight training sessions per week coupled with the proper diet and a couple of HIIT cardio sessions weekly will build a “new you”! This represents 30 minutes twice a week in the gym, and 15 minutes twice weekly on a track or trail. Get a physical and if all is ok, give it go.,you won’t go wrong. : )

  4. Thank you so much for assuming that I’m not currently working out, when I am–I’m currently doing the P90X workouts. (As great as Doug’s workouts are, I’m more likely to do something that doesn’t involve leaving my apartment, especially as winter approaches.)

    What I meant was that, while I do think the pictures look awesome, I also know that athletes can devote most of their time to practicing and working out, while I can’t. Which means I’m never going to be able to get as good of results as they do. If I want motivation, it needs to be more realistic.

  5. Brit: I play roller derby, just like Suzy Hotrod of the awesome tattooed body. We are not paid to play. We are not professional athletes. Most of us have full-time jobs and devote our limited free time to sculpting those skater muscles. To me, she is the ultimate motivation because she is just like me.

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