Oxytocin and Obesity

I happened upon an interesting study this morning.

According to researchers at the University of Washington, a group of obese rats lost a ton of weight after being injected with oxytocin – the “love hormone”.

Isn’t that awesome.

A potential cure for obesity that also makes you feel all warm & gooey inside.

They are going to make a bazillion dollars….is what I thought.

Until I read this study.

Which says that plasma levels of oxytocin are 4x higher in obese human subjects than in their leaner human counterparts.

  • Meals didn’t affect the oxytocin levels.
  • The sex of the subject didn’t matter.
  • Even after having gastric banding surgery…the oxytocin levels stayed elevated.

Sounds kinda like the problem our obese population has with insulin and leptin.

The behaviors that lead to obesity also lead to elevated hormone levels and eventually intolerance of those hormones.


I had the design of these new wonder pills chosen already