The Zombification of the Fitness Industry

After almost two decades in the fitness industry, I have met all sorts of trainers, group instructors, nutritionists, etc…

Some good, some bad.

And as in any industry, the free market rewards the good ones with more & more clients while the bad ones eventually leave the industry.

However…in the past few years, something has changed.

The Health & Fitness biz has become a massive. And as such, big companies with even bigger advertising budgets have dove into the pool and are squeezing out the little guys.

Zombie Fitness

For example, about 4 months ago, my gym replaced one of the best Dance Fitness instructors I have ever seen with a Zumba class.

Not because the instructor was better or because the class was more creative, entertaining or effective, but because more and more members had seen the Zumba infomercials and asked club management to add a Zumba class to their schedule.

Due to financial realities, the club had to choose between the two dance fitness classes. Bye bye independent dance fitness instructor.

Fast forward to today….. the Zumba class is experiencing a lot of client turnover and members are requesting the return of their old dance fitness teacher. Unfortunately for them, she has started up her own small fitness studio and won’t be returning.

The Moral of the Story

We’re all prone to slick advertising campaigns.

  • McDonald’s doesn’t make the best hamburgers…but they sure do sell a lot of them.
  • Justin Bieber isn’t the world’s best singer…but he moves a ton of product
  • The latest Transformers movie was a piece of CGI crap, but it made over a billion dollars

That’s the nature of our free market.

Companies with the biggest advertising/marketing/brainwashing budgets dominate their industry as consumers are turned into zombies desperately searching for the latest widget being shilled by the latest Hilton/Spears/Kardashian clone.

Even if that widget sucks.


Don’t be a zombie.


When it comes to your health & fitness, please try to look past the infomercials and spend your hard-earned money on quality products & services.