Best Body Workouts 2012

Here’s what you can expect from this year’s crop of workouts:

  • 3 HIRT style workouts per week – Mon/Wed/Fri mornings
  • Exercise suggestions for the rest of the week – based on different goals/needs
  • Nutrition suggestions & recipes from my favorite food bloggers – starting Week 2

The most difficult part of designing this program was making the workouts challenging enough for experienced trainees and yet understandable and do-able for beginners.

To that end, it would be a big favor if you think I have missed the mark to let me know via comment/email/tweet.etc. Thanks.

HIRT Workout Highlights

These workouts are designed to improve:

  • Muscular Strength/Power/Speed
  • Muscular Balance
  • Mobility
  • Overall Fitness
  • Overall Health, and
  • Reduce Obesity

I want to create healthy, pain-free athletes…not bodybuilders.

  • Sets will be based on time – not reps.
  • Rest periods will be as short as possible – based on your fitness level
  • Intensity varies based on your fitness level
  • Weights used and % of Max Strength varied based on fitness level & personal goals
  • I will focus on basic movements for beginners but make suggestions for more experienced lifters

Stay tuned. The first workout goes live tomorrow.