Will Stem Cells Replace Steroids?

Researchers from the University of Illinois have made a very interesting discovery regarding exercise and adult stem cells.

They found that after they put their little lab mice through a little lab mouse workout, there was a dramatic increase in mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) in their little lab mouse muscles.

This is important for a number of reasons.

  • It establishes a link between exercise and the health of your muscle (no big surprise there)
  • However, it may mean future stem cell treatments for age or disease related muscle loss as well as rehabilitation for injured muscles
  • It also means that once the research progresses a little further, you can bet that bodybuilders will find a way to incorporate MSC treatments into their regime of steroids, growth hormone, diuretics and insulin



  • And after the bodybuilding community has found a way to MacGyver MSCs into their bodies without killing themselves, this therapy will eventually filter down to pro athletes, Olympians, amateur athletes, college students, the dudes at your gym and eventually every 50+ man going through a mid-life crisis.

Just think…in 20 years, we could have senior citizens walking around looking like the 1970s version of Arnold Schwarzenegger.



All thanks to stem cells..



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