Childhood Obesity : Monkey See Monkey Do

Attention Parents!!!

Researchers have discovered the cure for childhood obesity.

Unfortunately for your addiction to stuffed-crust pizza…..the cure is for YOU to lose weight FIRST.

“We looked at things such as parenting skills and styles, or changing the home food environment, and how they impacted a child’s weight,” said Kerri N. Boutelle, PhD. “The number one way in which parents can help an obese child lose weight is to lose weight themselves. In this study, it was the most important predictor of child weight loss.

Parents are the most significant people in a child’s environment, serving as the first and most important teachers,” said Boutelle “They play a significant role in any weight-loss program for children, and this study confirms the importance of their example in establishing healthy eating and exercise behaviors for their kids.”

The Science

80 parent-child groups with an 8-12 year old overweight or obese child were enrolled into either:

  • A parent-only treatment program, or a
  • Parent + child treatment program

Both programs ran for 5 months and focused on evaluating the impact of three types of parenting skills taught in family-based behavioral treatment for childhood obesity, and the impact of each on the child’s body weight:

  • the parent modeling behaviors to promote their own weight loss,
  • changes in home food environment, and
  • parenting style and techniques (for example, a parent’s ability to help limit the child’s eating behavior, encouraging the child and participating in program activities)

The Results?

Consistent with previously published research, parent BMI change was the only significant predictor of child’s weight loss.


Monkey See : Monkey Do

If your kid is obese and you’re worried about their future, it’s up to YOU to do something about it.