Paleo Dessert Recipes – Vol. 1

Ever since I switched over to a Paleo style of eating, my big ole’ sweet tooth has shrunk in size.

But every now and then, I still get a wicked craving for something sweet.

And thanks to a growing legion of Paleo foodies, I can now indulge that sweet tooth with these amazing Paleo dessert recipes.


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  1. Ah, love this! I just posted a paleo chocolate chip cookie recipe on my blog that was SO DELICIOUS. They tasted like real non-paleo cookies and my boyfriend, who always notices when something “tastes healthy”, has been begging me to make more. So if you love paleo treats, you should definitely check it out. ( )

  2. When I started adopting a healthy lifestyle, <a href=””>paleo pancakes</a> are one of my favorites. I’ve tried that cinnamon and coconut pancakes and it’s really light and fluffy and of course very unbelievably YUM! My breakfast would always be perfect with these pancakes along with my pineapple smoothie.

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