Essential Fitness Gear – The Clean Bottle Runner

I like to think of myself as a pretty smart fella.

When I’m not advising the Mayo Clinic or the American Olympic Track & Field team, I’m helping researchers design cutting edge studies into human health & longevity*

But when the fine folks at Clean Bottle told me about the upgrade they made to their market leading product….I felt like a TOTAL IDIOT.

The idea for the new CLEAN BOTTLE RUNNER is so simple and obvious that I really should have thought of it and sold it to Nike and retired to my island paradise

But I didn’t.

Nope…just like that Dyson guy with his new-fangled “vacuum with balls”, Clean Bottle Dave beat me to it…and has created a sports bottle holder that:

  1. Locks your hand in place around the water bottle, eliminating the possibility of ever dropping your Gatorade while running backwoods trails.
  2. Is built to give you easy access to your smartphone – calls, music, running apps, etc
  3. Has straps designed to give you quick access to running Gu
  4. Has a pocket for keys, bank card, etc
  5. Is locked in place by the removable bottom cap
  6. And is guaranteed for life

When you combine this with the general awesomeness of the Clean Bottle itself…

…you end up with an essential piece of fitness gear.

Now if only Clean Bottle had an affiliate deal with bloggers, I could make a little bit of money referring all you fine readers over to their website.


*BTW, I’m not really that smart  😦