War on Obesity : Doctors vs Government

All across the over-developed world, our collective fatness has become a major health/political/financial/media issue.

And according to the new organization representing nearly every doctor in the UK….the British government has essentially sold out the health of its citizens to the junk food industry… and British docs don’t plan on letting it happen anymore.

Citing the governments policy of “inviting” fast food companies to help write government policy on obesity, alcohol and diet-related disease, the medical community has found it necessary to stand up, call out the government for their poor healthcare decisions and begin charting a medical-based strategy for their country’s war against obesity.

AoMRC spokesman Prof Stephenson said: “Every doctor I’ve ever spoken to feels obesity is a huge problem for the UK population.”

He said a united voice had “more of a chance” of tacking obesity.

The first phase of the campaign will try to find out what works. It will review evidence for diets, exercise, taxation, minimum pricing, changing advertising and food labelling, which medical procedures work and how children are educated.

And here’s where it gets interesting….

Recommendations could target food companies who sponsor major sporting events – such as the Olympics – and fast food outlets which operate close to schools.

In case you didn’t know, London is hosting the Olympics this summer.

And I don’t think British politicians want the medical community equating Olympic sponsorship with the fastest growing threat to the health of Britains.

Let the battle begin.


  • AOMRC – Obesity Steering Group
  • BBC

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  1. really love the pic man, can’t stop my lough now… along the road i only find junk food everywhere, if people find difficult to find healthy food this problem will go on and on

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