Introducing the K-E Diet : aka Stupid Diet Fad of the Month

There is no one on the planet more desperate to lose weight than a bride-to-be who can’t fit into her wedding dress.

For those frantic women, we have “doctors” willing to shove a tube down their nose and feed them intravenous protein & fat for 10 days….at a cost of $1500.


NOTE – After watching the ABC news coverage on this “diet”, I tried to get in contact with Doc Di Pietro to see if he would answer the one question that kept ping-ponging around my brain:

  • How quickly does the typical client regain all of the weight they lost on the KE Diet?

No response to my emails so far.

 “IV tube and stool softeners…that’s our future”   😦


  1.  @monicathehha they put a tube in with the right amount of vitamins, minerals, nutrients etc, and no carbs.  It equals 800 cals a day and your body goes into Ketosis where when there is no carbs it uses fat from the body, instead.  Same thing as Atkins, but it’s fed to you all controlled and portioned in the tube.  You don’t eat anything through your mouth.
    If you ask me it’s pretty much the same extreme restricting like the stomach band.

  2. Too bad these brides don’t know about the Sadkhin Complex. It guarantees a loss of 5-10% of body weight in 10 days (without exercise!) yet it’s all-natural and risk-free and makes you feel energized rather than tired. It’s a combination of a very restricted but healthy diet and acupressure (which suppresses all hunger and cravings, and improves metabolism). Oh, and it’s much cheaper and you don’t gain that weight back right away. Disclaimer: I am not an employee, only a very satisfied customer from Massachusetts.

  3. It’s basically a very restricted-diet form of Atkins, in liquid form via the tubes with added vitamins. Atkins is known to be effective, but bad on your liver, and to result in very fast gain of all that weight afterwards. This has the same problems.

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