Does Personalized Cancer Treatment Signal The End of Cancer?

As a giant health & fitness geek, I am always reading scientific journals…looking for ways to help people live longer & better lives.

But when my Mom was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer, my point of view changed. I have been spending a ton of time looking at the most recent, bleeding edge science being conducted by cancer researchers.

And a lot of that research kept pointing to the type of personalized cancer treatment being done at the Princess Margaret Hospital here in Toronto.

What is Personalized Cancer Treatment?

In it’s most basic sense, Personalized Cancer Medicine is a multi-faceted approach to care that focuses on the unique nature of each patient: finding the right treatment for the right patient at the right time.

That means, instead of the current “one size fits all” approach to cancer, doctors will base cancer treatment on a better understanding of the unique character of each cancer and each patient, and as a result…will be able to provide people with more effective and less toxic treatments.

And considering how crappy my Mom felt during her most recent round of chemo…the idea of more effective and less toxic treatments has spurred me to write this article and start working at getting her enrolled into this type of treatment program.

Why isn’t my Mom receiving this treatment already?

This was the question I had for her oncologist…and the answer is that most of the techniques and technologies needed to implement Personalized Cancer Medicine are currently at the research stage. The only way to get this treatment now is to qualify for a clinical trial.

And you can’t get into a trial until you have already undergone the current standard of treatment.

That means 2 more rounds of chemo for my Mom before she has another CT scan to see if her cancer has shrunk.

What’s Next?

We’ve all been touched by cancer. Maybe it was a parent or grandparent. For some of us, it was a spouse or a child.

Either way, we’ve all been scared witless by a diagnosis of cancer. As a result, cancer research receives a ton of money in the form of donations and government support – we love our families & we hate cancer.

Unfortunately, a lot of that money keeps being plowed into finding ways to improve the effectiveness of the current approaches to cancer treatment. Maybe it’s time to shift our thinking and shift some of that money towards a new approach to cancer treatment…to a more personalized approach.

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If you really, really think that Personalized Cancer Medicine is a good idea, the Princess Margaret Hospital is on the cutting edge of this research and have just kicked off a BILLION DOLLAR CHALLENGE to make personalized cancer medicine the gold standard around the world.

And they would be happy to take your donation and apply it directly to Personalized Cancer Research.

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