The World’s Best Weight Loss Laboratory…

… is the one between your ears.

There is a ton of great information available online to help you lose weight, get fit and look great naked. But all of that information means nothing if you don’t incorporate it into your life in a way that produces results.

But until you….

  • learn to recognize and manage your destructive emotions & unconscious thoughts
  • learn how to incorporate healthy eating into your life
  • learn which physical activities your body thrives on
  • learn how to handle your obstacles to health & fitness
  • learn how to modify workouts & exercises to suit your body, your fitness level, your aches & pains
  • learn how to manage your time to include daily exercise
  • learn how your body responds to a new diet
  • learn how to shop for healthy food that fits your budget

…you are doomed to failure.

That’s because, even the absolute best health & fitness advice is 100% theoretical, until you:

  1. Put it to work on your body,
  2. Listen to the feedback you’re getting from your body
  3. Adjust your diet/workout in response to that feedback
  4. Repeat #2 & #3 until you get things “perfect”.

It ain’t rocket science. But it does require some practice…and you’re going to make mistakes.

But it’s those mistakes that are going to eventually point you in the direction of tip-top fitness and an ass you could bounce quarters off of.


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