OMG!!! Maqui Berries Are Awesome

Being a parent is hard work…especially in the morning….as you’re trying to get your little sleepy heads out of bed and ready for school.

And one of the “best” parts of every parent’s morning routine is trying to get the kids to eat something “healthy” so that they will have the energy required to stuff their brains chock full of knowledge.

[box type=”red”]What if I told you that one of my clients has been spreading mega doses of antioxidants all over her kid’s morning bagel for the past week….. and the little sugar-monster has been eating it up and asking for more. [/box]

Q: And what if I told you that when he runs in the house after school, he’s all excited to drink an ORAC loaded “milk shake”

A: You would probably call me a big fat liar

But you would be wrong.

For the past couple of weeks, I have had people testing out a new antioxidant powder loaded with:

  • Organic Maqui Berry juice powder
  • Organic Acai Berry juice powder
  • Organic Green Tea Extract
  • Organic Vanilla flavor
  • Organic Mixed Berry Flavor
  • Organic Brown Rice Emulsifier
  • Organic Stevia (Reb A 95%)

And the one comment that I have heard from each & every one of my guinea pigs is how good this stuff tastes.

  • Moms are sipping on a bottle of this stuff throughout the day…and feeling full of energy.
  • Dads who never eat anything healthy are smearing the Maqui Berry Jam all over their toast
  • Kids are eating & drinking this stuff and asking for more.

And as someone who has taste tested A LOT of health food products… this is NOT NORMAL. Almost universally, healthy stuff tastes healthy.

OMG Maqui Berry Antioxidant Powder doesn’t taste healthy…but it is…healthy.

And if you don’t believe me, check out all of these studies extolling the health virtues of the Maqui berry.

[box type=”important”]Organic Meets Good – the makers of Maqui Berry Powder are doing a random draw for (2) packages of their amazing products. (1) free package of Maqui powder and (1) free package of Pomegranate powder. Hurry if you want to get in on the draw. All you have to do is like their FB page, leave a comment (so they can contact you if you win) and be a U.S. resident. Don’t delay, the giveaway ends on May 23[/box]


And if you want the recipes for Maqui Berry Jam and the Maqui smoothie…follow the links.

[box type=”note”]I have been mixing the Maqui Berry powder with my powdered multi-vitamin in the morning and adding it to post-workout protein shakes. I loved the jam recipe, but seeing as I have a wicked sweet tooth, it’s best that I make that only on weekends. I’ve never been good at portion control.[/box]



  1. You can also buy the products on Amazon and on their Facebook page (organicmeetsgood). Definitely worth trying them! I LOVE OMG products!

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