Protein Power-Packed Paleo Pudding….bad name, great recipe

Eating a Paleo diet will:

  • Make you healthy
  • Make you look great naked

Unfortunately, when your friends are eating a 2000 calorie Dairy Queen Blizzard loaded with fudge, caramel and cholesterol meds, it kinda sucks to always pull out an apple and pretend that your dessert is better than theirs.

That’s why I have been publishing some of my favorite paleo dessert recipes lately

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Awesome tasting recipes that are made with Paleo-friendly ingredients.

Unfortunately…even these amazing Paleo desserts aren’t perfect.

What might be perfect is the following recipe for Protein Power-Packed Paleo Pudding made by my buddy Matt Jones.

[box type=”info”]According to Chef Matt….This custard uses coconut oil which has MCT’s for fuel, and the recipe overall is low sugar, easy to make, paleo, and tastes great. The only thing I thought it was lacking is protein. I have some egg white protein from MRM that is also low sugar without a lot of extra ingredients or artificial sweeteners, so I tried the recipe with the protein powder in it and I think it works great.[/box]

And I agree.

We are both big fans of the original Chocolate banana coconut custard recipe that I posted in my second installment of Paleo Dessert Recipes. But with the extra protein, Matt has created a super snack.

[box type=”note”]In addition to the protein powder, Matt added some stevia to the recipe.. feel free to modify as your sweet-tooth dictates[/box]

The Recipe


2 medium ripe bananas
5 Tbs almond butter
1/2 cup coconut oil, melted
Vanilla extract to taste
6 Tbs raw cacao or cocoa powder
3 packets of stevia
2 scoops protein powder of choice



  • Mash banana with fork until creamy.
  • Add almond butter, stir until well incorporated.
  • Add melted coconut oil and vanilla extract; briskly mix with a mixer. You want this smooth without banana chunks.
  • Add cocoa/cacao powder and stevia, mix again until well mixed.
  • Add the protein powder, mix thoroughly.
  • Chill in refrigerator for at least 30 mins to allow coconut oil to set and thicken the mixture. IMHO this dessert gets better the longer it is in the refrigerator until it ends up almost like ice cream.

[box type=”info”]Matt : Here is the approximate nutritional breakdown of my version. I would call this “modern Paleo”, fairly low carb and low sugar (and most come from banana), some fiber, lots of good fat (MCT’s and some monounsaturated from almond butter), some protein, and a decent amount of calories:[/box]

  •  It should look like this after mixing:

  •  Approximately 4hrs after being refrigerated its already thickened up and starting to get that ice cream type texture:

  •  Enjoy!

One comment

  1. It doesn’t even really need the stevia if your used to regular paleo foods, however what I have found is most people expect health food to taste a certain way.  So you get one bite and if it does not tingle the taste buds they give up on it, so with the stevia it grabs a person more when they realize how rich and sweet it actually tastes, so they are more likely to come around to thinking about modern paleo foods again.

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