Celsius: The First Healthy Energy Drink?

What comes to mind when I say: ENERGY DRINK?

Personally…. I think of the idiot frat boys who live two blocks down the street from me who like to pound Red Bulls & vodka on a Wednesday afternoon and do stupid stuff on their skateboards

I also think of this article – Do Energy Drinks Improve Athletic Performance and Promote Weight Loss?

So….when the folks at Celsius contacted me about trying out some samples of their product, my initial & immediate response was to say “no thanks” and get back to work.

However….in their email, they mentioned that their product was “natural”. And when I think of “energy drinks”, I don’t think natural. I think chemicals and artificial sweeteners and the aforementioned idiot frat boys and gym rats and people who don’t give a crap about their health.

Which probably makes a ton of sense from a business perspective.

But what about us health & fitness geeks?

There are some afternoons when my energy is drained from long hours of work and my brain is having a tough time writing blog posts that don’t suck swamp water.

On days like that… I can really use a dose of liquid energy. But I want that energy drink to be healthy & chemical free.

So I checked out the Celsius ingredients:

As you can see, Celsius contains the 3 big “energy drink” ingredients – Caffeine, Taurine and Glucuronolactone.

However, unlike their competitors, Celsius also contains:

  • Ginger extract,
  • Green Tea leaf extract,
  • Your daily dose of Vit C and,
  • A whole whack of B Vitamins

Equally important to me were the ingredients that weren’t included:

Instead of that crap, Celsius sweetens it’s drinks with sucralose and/or stevia.

Based on all that, I decided to give up my afternoon espresso for a week to beta-test some Celsius samples.

And after seven days of taste testing…. and it turns out that I like this stuff.

  • It definitely gave me a mid-afternoon boost,
  • Without any jitteriness
  • It tasted pretty good – some flavors better than others
  • No afternoon coffee breath


Celsius markets to people who:

  1. Want the buzz of an energy drink,
  2. Is “proven” to reduce body-fat, and
  3. Is HEALTHY.

And while I’m not too blown away by the -100 calorie claim, I can honestly say that Celsius provides:

  1. A very un-jittery boost in energy,
  2. Tastes pretty darn good,
  3. Has a bunch of useful micronutrients
  4. Isn’t full of harmful chemicals

And because I love you guys so much, I talked the Celsius rep into doing a giveaway of a bunch of Celsius product. Stay tuned for the details.


  1. Is there a reason that they employed a drag queen for the promotional poster. That Tony Little fellow is one of the scariest looking shemales I’ve ever seen. Seriously though. It’s a pretty disturbing image. I would never touch that stuff as a result. 

  2.  @zadirtypitches Not my cup of tea either — would you touch it if it had a naked starlet on the label?  Same ingredients either way.

  3. I love this stuff! Im so glad there is finally a product that gives me exactly what I need without all the extra crap, plus I dont feel guilty about drinking it.

  4. “I want that energy drink to be healthy & chemical free.” Sucralose is not natural but rather a manufactured chemical made from combining one molecule of sugar with three molecules of chlorine. Doesn’t sound good from where I sit.

  5. Hey Jerry,

    I would prefer that all of their drinks be sweetened with stevia (some are), but if you follow this link – http://www.cspinet.org/reports/chemcuisine.htm#sucralose – the current science pegs sucralose as being safer than aspartame, saccharin, acesulfame-K, and cyclamate.

    In addition to stevia, Celsius could also look at sugar alcohols like xylitol as a healthier sweetener

    It’s not perfect, but IMHO, Celsius is a big improvement on the current energy drink market leaders

  6. I agree that sucralose is better than those you mentioned and stevia would be better. But I still have issus with the all-natural no chemical claim and, more importantly, the fact that sucralose is made from chlorine. I also agree with you about Celsius being a big improvement.

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