Low Back Pain? Your Hips May Be The Problem

Every year, we spend close to a bazillion dollars on low back pain treatments – massage, pills, acupuncture, chiropractic, etc

  • What if the problem isn’t your back?

Most of us sit on our butts way too much – at work, at home, at restaurants, at movie theaters, etc.

And this can mess up a bunch of the muscles surrounding your hips & pelvis. And when those muscles get all tight, bunched up and inflamed, they can mis-align your hips & pelvis which can lead to mis-alignment of your lumbar spine which leads to lower back pain.

Luckily for you, there are some pretty simple (and 100% free) ways to help repair those messed up hip/pelvis muscles.

I’m not saying that these techniques will fix all your lower back pain…..but they just might.

Give ’em a try.

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One comment

  1. Thanks for sharing these stretches! As a runner my lower back is often sore if I don’t stretch properly afterwards.

    Also I’ve found standing with knees slightly bent takes the tension off the lower back. People tend to think standing straight means with stiff legs but this stresses the lower back. Bend the knees just a little and the back pain will stop.

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