Yummy + Healthy = Square Snacks

  • It’s 3:00 in the afternoon
  • Your tummy is grumbly
  • You’re “jonesing” for something sweet
  • But you’re trying to watch your waistline…
  • And you don’t want to eat crap food like the rest of the drones in your office.

You could go for one of those 100 cal packages of cookies/chips….

Or…you could go for something that tastes awesome and is actually good for you.

My experience with Square Snacks

A few weeks ago, some of my clients asked me what I thought about this new energy bar that their friends were raving about. They said that it tasted better than Lara  Bars, and had fewer calories. After taking a look at their website, I contacted the owner and asked them to send me a few samples to review.

  • Two days after receiving the samples… all of them had been inhaled by my wife and clients.
  • Three days later… I had to go to the store and buy some more to test myself.
  • Four days later… I agreed with my clients that the Square Snacks were a great mid-afternoon energy snack… even better than Lara Bars.

My reasoning…

  • Nutrient dense ingredients
  • Great taste
  • No chemicals, flavors, etc…just real food
  • With 1/2 the calories of a Skinny Vanilla Latte

Nutritional Info

It gets even better

Because I love you guys so darn much, I am going to hook one of you up with a 20 bar prize pack of Square Snacks

[box type=”important”]Unfortunately, this giveaway is open ONLY to Canadians. Square Snacks is a new company and aren’t selling outside of Canada yet.[/box]

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