Get Rid of Shoulder Pain with Band Traction

The shoulder is a highly mobile joint. Because of that mobility, it is also highly susceptible to injury…. and pain.

Believe me, I know.

  • The younger me used to lift ridiculously heavy weights without ever feeling pain…or giving a darn about the health of my joints.
  • The older me wishes the younger me hadn’t been so stupid.

At one point, my shoulders were in constant pain. I couldn’t sleep without a shoulder aching and an arm falling asleep. It wasn’t good.

And then I found Dick Hartzell, Jump-Stretch Bands and the wonder of his joint traction exercises.

It will take a bit of time, but this stuff is magic for fixing jammed up shoulders.

NOTE: If you’re already doing physical therapy for shoulder pain/injury, please discuss this article with your physio.


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  1. I got  lesson on your post. Thanks for this. I will keep in my mind to take care of my body when im still young. I dont want to suffer from joint pains when i get older. I’ll show this to my uncle who is a physio.

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