Reduce Blood Pressure & Lose Weight with Green Coffee Bean Extract

Earlier in the year, I wrote an article about the fat burning effects of Green Coffee Bean Extract (GCB).

Since then I have found out a little more about GCB…and it’s all good.

Not only does…

  1. It look like a more effective fat burner than the two pharma fat-burners (Qysmia/Qnexa & Belviq) recently approved by the FDA,
  2. It seems to have a blood pressure lowering effect

And it’s this positive effect on blood pressure that makes Green Coffee Bean Extract unlike any other fat-burner (drug or supplement) on the market today.

And considering that a lot of my clients who come to me for help losing weight also have high blood pressure, I may finally have a supplement that I recommend…even after talking to their doctor.

Here’s some of the science:

And when we combine all that with another 2012 study which showed how GCB  lowered body weight, BMI, percent body fat while producing a small decrease in heart rate (BPM), we end up with a product worthy of significant interest from the medical community

  • Cheap
  • Healthy
  • Effective

Sounds like a great fat burner to me

NOTE: There is more research to be done on GCB. If you are going to experiment with it as a fat burner, I HIGHLY recommend talking with your doctor and paying close attention to how your body responds. Just because the science looks good up to this point, doesn’t mean that they won’t find a problem next year

NOTEYou can buy Green Coffee Bean Extract here.



  1. Coffee is rich in lots of minerals and also helps reduce iron levels in the body. People think it is unhealthy but it’s not as long as it’s the right type.

  2. I started taking this yesterday. I was expecting this to not work out for me: I am a “slow oxidizer”, have on & off adrenal issues, blood sugar swings and tend towards low BP. I am keeping tabs on everything and so far I’m faring well. I have real problems with losing weight because of low blood sugar when dieting & exercising. I kind of feel like this is overall addressing that, but it’s too early to tell. But I never have any success beyond a day with supplements that lower blood sugar. My biggest concern is quality – I basically bought the brand with the best Amazon ratings – taking into account the “verified” purchaser reviews. The brand that looked least scammy (got to be careful with some of these supplements because they can be adulterated with something dangerous). I’m surprised at the lack of reputable brands. The brand I bought doesn’t seem to have a rep in the supplement business except for animal feed. So I’m slightly leery. But since I monitor my vitals so closely, I think I’d know if something insidious was in the product. I have a sluggish liver, and basically if there’s something that’s not suppose to be in there, it will reflect in my blood sugar. I’m pretty excited about this product & hope it works out. The only thing I can say is that after eating alot of carbs yesterday (to be on the safe side with a new supplement), my glucose was 104 – 2 & 4 hrs after – which happens almost never. I’m usually in the 130-140 range.

  3. Hi Snow,

    I would really, really, really appreciate it if you could check back in after a few weeks with your review of GCB extract. The science does look pretty great, but real life isn’t the same as a lab.

    You seem to understand your body well and this makes you a fantastic “guinea pig” 🙂

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