Researchers Discover an Enzymatic Ignition Switch to Fat Loss

Researchers at the University of Copenhagen have discovered a unique enzymatic ignition switch which allowed them to supercharge our fat-burning enzymes… and triple the working hours of our lipase enzymes from a lazy 15 percent of the time to a much more respectable 45 percent of the time.

And by making the enzymes work longer hours, the theory is that we “should” be able to burn three times as much body-fat per 24 hours.

And if that wasn’t cool enough…. not only could this mean the end to obesity and other fat-related diseases like diabetes, cardio-vascular disease and stroke…but the researchers believe that this switch may be a common characteristic of many more enzymes.

And since enzymes are vital to every chemical reaction that occurs in your body, the impact of this discovery is potentially MASSIVE.

If it turns out that many different types of enzymes can be switched on and off using this Enzymatic Ignition Switch, it could be applied to a wide range of diseases, environmental problems, industrial applications, etc…

It’s kind of a big deal.

Of course, this research is in the preliminary stages and may (probably will) turn out to be a dead-end, but you never know… fingers crossed


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