White Fat – Beige Fat – Brown Fat

Obesity researchers around the world are all in a tizzy over beige fat.

  • Last month, I introduced you to this waist-reducing super-fat
  • This month, we have a new study which is looking for a way to convert your energy-storing white fat cells into energy-burning / heat producing beige fat cells.

Here’s what we know now…

  • Based on previous research, the researchers already knew that brown fat needs the neurotransmitter cGMP to do what it does.
  • And according to new findings, they know that this is also true for beige fat.
  • We also know that vasodilator-stimulated phosphoprotein (VASP) plays an essential role as a switch on the VASP/cGMP signaling pathway that slows down the formation of white fat cells into beige fat cells.

From all of this… the researchers believe that if they can manipulate this signaling pathway, they can regulate the beige fat and if they can regulate the beige fat…they can regulate the size of your belly

So Now What?

In this latest study, the researchers “engineered” a bunch of VASP deficient lab mice.

Upon studying the VASP deficient mice, they found:

  1. The mice had an enhanced responses to cold exposure (indicative of increased brown adipose tissue function)
  2. Their white adipose tissue showed evidence of “browning,” a process in which white fat cells acquire the characteristics of brown or beige fat cells.

As a result, the VASP deficient mice were ripped.

Additionally, the results also suggest that VASP could be targeted by drugs “to enhance metabolism by stimulating the energy-dissipating activity of brown adipose tissue and making white adipose tissue behave like brown”.

Long story short…. drug companies around the world are going to be jumping all over this.



  1. Any idea how the rest of us can turn white fat beige (or brown, or anything along those lines- even cream would be better!!) It just seems like a scientists field day at the moment, is it ever likely to be available off the shelf for the rest of us?

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