TV and Your Child’s Health

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, but….when a group of researchers recently reviewed 12 studies in which the relationship between television viewing and diet was assessed in children between the ages of 2 and 6….”all but one study reported significant relationship between television viewing time and adverse dietary outcomes“.

  • More tv viewing = less fruit & vegetable consumption
  • More tv viewing = increased caloric consumption

And as if this wasn’t bad enough…the researchers concluded that these “adverse dietary outcomes occurred with as little as 1 hour of daily television exposure“.

1 HOUR!!!

  • The message to parents?
  • Stop plunking your three year old down in front of the tv.


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  1. This study was just crunching numbers…so we end up with a correlation, but I would guess that you’re probably right. Lots of commercials for crap food and none for healthy food just might have an impact on little Susie screaming for a big bowl of Sugar Smacks.

  2. Agree 100%…but ignoring correlations doesn’t reverse childhood obesity, metabolic syndrome, etc….

  3. I suspect the lack of fruit and veg is more to do with the general lifestyle of those who are happy to dump their kids in front of a telly and ignore them, than it is necessarily the ‘fault’ of television shows.

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