An Amazing Real Life Weight Loss Story

The weight loss industry is a multi-billion dollar business. And to make sure that those billions keep rolling in, weight loss companies pay celebrities huge piles of cash to convince you that only they have the secret to rapid & permanent weight loss.

And I have to call BULLSHIT on that.

You want to know how to lose weight…. you need to talk to Pedro Oliva.

Pedro is a Twitter buddy of mine who has managed to radically transform his body/health/attitude over the past year. Here is his story…in his own words.

  • Q –  From your before & after picture, it’s obvious that you have lost a LOT of weight…how much and how long have you been working at it?

It’s been a year and I have rid over 100 lbs.

  • Q – Do you have a goal weight and if so, have you reached it?

My Goal weight is somewhere around 230. All time high was 385

  • Q – What changes (pro/con) have you experienced in your life as the pounds came off?

The pros are way more energy, I’m more active. The cons is some of the loose skin.

  • Q – What made you decide to lose the weight?

My kids are my inspiration. I did not want to die young.

  • Q – What made your efforts so successful?

I gave up soda. I was a huge soda drinker, also gave up fried foods.

  • Q – What tips would you give to someone who has tried to lose weight but has never been successful?

Stay focused and give yourself little goals. Take your time, results will come

  • Q – What’s more important to you…weight or health?

Health, being alive is the key

  • Q – Did you follow a specific diet?

I try to eat the right foods, lots of chicken and fish, vegetables

  • Q – Do you still follow that diet?

I do but some times I reward myself.

  • Q – Anything else you want to add?

Do not let anyone say you can’t do it alone. I am proof you can if you dedicate yourself and have a realistic approach, this will not happen overnight.



  1. this is great. I’ve always been inspired by people who choose to do the weight-loss thing the right way. one thing I find in common with all these success stories is that a lot of them start their journey to lose weight but along the way realize that health is more important than just losing weight. If you aim to be healthy and not just focus on looking slim or good, losing weight comes naturally.

  2. I think Pedro’s story is amazing! More people should stay away from all the different diets out there. Diets are only short term fixes and once the person goes off the diet, the weight and health end up heading back to where it was before the diet, even worse is many instances. Making the decision to make a lifestyle change is the best way to ensure lasting health and weight management. Way to go Pedro! You and your kids should be very proud!!!

    I will also add that I personally have never been extremely overweight, but was about 30 pounds overweight. Once I made the decision to incorporate a nutritional change in my own lifestyle I have dropped 18 pounds in about 2 months and already feel much better, with much less joint pain, more energy, and just feel like I’m in a better overall mood. I eat less and I eat healthier, and a big part of my new lifestyle has been a product called Herbalife. Having the 2 shakes a day helps me tremendously.

    It really is very tasty stuff and they have different flavors and recipes to keep it from getting old. It’s the best decision I have made in a long time!

    Congrats again Pedro! Keep focused on your goal and enjoy the healthier life you have chosen for all the right reasons!

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