Brainwashed to be Fat?

I am a big believer in people accepting personal behavior for their own actions…. and in-actions.

Regarding obesity, while a large percentage of obese people do live with conditions (genetic, environmental, financial) that increase their odds of porking out, we can’t ignore the fact that most obese people make horrendous choices when it comes to the food they eat.

But what if you knew that…

  • Large food companies use psychological techniques designed to brainwash us into eating specific products?
  • And that the foods they’re convincing us to buy have contributed directly to the lifestyle diseases that are bankrupting our healthcare systems?

  • And what if you knew that government subsidies have artificially lowered the costs of some foods?
  • And that those artificially inexpensive foods are the main ingredients in those very high-profit / high-obesity foods you are being brainwashed to purchase.

Would it annoy you to know that we’ve combined the worst of free market principles…

  • Companies using psychological manipulation to drive sales

…with the worst of government intervention

  • Billion dollars of subsidies leading to a rapid decline in the health of citizens and exploding healthcare costs.

Would that annoy you?


Or have you been brainwashed too?


  1. Too bad they can’t think to subsidize farmers for growing more freah fruits and vegetables over nutritionally none-existent corn.

  2. Have you looked at what people are restricted to purchase with food stamps? Looks like Big Food has influence with government, and benefits from this subsidy. The losers are poor using them. Ill health and no choice but to eat crap.

  3. Agreed…and that’s one of the reasons why food and obesity and lifestyle disease are as much a political problem as a social/medical problem.

    Big Food knows they’re in for a fight and are adapting/lawyering up and making concessions….the future could be very interesting for them…and us

  4. The bottom line here is that being healthy is expensive. From a government’s perspective, to feed an ever-growing population, it can not afford to grow fresh fruits or vegetables because that would require large fertile lands which will be scarce in the future. High fat, caloric dense foods are the most effective way to feed a large population.

  5. High fat, caloric dense foods are the most effective way to make a population sick.
    High fat, caloric dense foods cause massive increases in healthcare costs…money that could be better used to improve the quality of food production.
    Gov’ts shape the price of food with massive subsidies
    Gov’ts shape food production with massive subsidies
    Gov’ts shape food production with legislation requested by the processed food lobby
    Around the world, we waste 50% of the food we produce.
    The US has gigantic food surpluses that go to waste each and every year
    UN sponsored research on food production has found that small-scale local farming is net-net more efficient than the mega-farm techniques used in the first world.

  6. You are absolutely right. Dense food is what’s making ppl sick and that’s a drain on our health care. However, when it comes to weight control; it’s calories in vs. calories burnt plus vitamins and minerals. Consequently regulating a caloric intake with dense foods can avoid the negative health impact. Also, yes we do waste a large amount of food, that’s because it’s cheap to make dense food and no, its not ok to waste food in general but we could afford to waste dense food right now. Furthermore, small scale farming is more efficient when the health benefits are taken into account but it comes at a price which again, is land. In the future land is going to be more precious than any resource on this planet. Which is also why the government is investing into mars expeditions. Also why china is planning on building skyscraper colonies; where an entire town can exist in one self sustained giant building. In summary, I think public education in diet regulations can avoid the associated obesity and dense foods when used responsibly, is a solution to our soon to be over-crowded planet.

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