Does Ketone Drink = EZ Weight Loss?

Oxford researcher, Dr. Kieran Clarke has created a new type of ketone-based endurance drink designed to…

  • Generate significant weight loss
  • Improve mental alertness
  • Improve cognitive function

…as well as treat, prevent or reduce the effects of…

In short, this supplement MAY make you leaner, smarter, healthier, faster, stronger and less prone to diabetes, alzheimer’s, parkinson’s, huntington’s, heart disease and metabolic syndrome.

Note that I say MAY.

The science is all very new. According to Doc Clarke:

“We are very excited about our research, which we think shows great promise. Our primary interest so far has been to understand how the body’s metabolism responds and makes use of our ketone drink.

We are a long way yet from showing meaningful benefits as a treatment for disease or in aiding athletes’ endurance, and while we think it is possible that the ketone drink may have benefits in slowing Alzheimer’s progression, no one has done much research on this as yet…although this remains of great interest to us.”

How great an interest???

Great enough to apply for a US patent.

Can you imagine how much money Dr. Clarke will make if this product lives up to it’s potential?

The Science

  • Previous research indicates that a state of elevated ketones may improve physical and cognitive performance.
  • Unfortunately, direct administration of ketone bodies is unpractical and potentially dangerous
  • Fortunately, there are ketone precursors that might give her the same effect without any of the downsides.

On of those ketone precursors is  (R)-3-hydroxybutyl (R)-3-hydroxybutyrate, the ketone monoester that Dr. Clarke has been administering in the form of a meal replacement drink to her healthy human volunteers.

In one pilot study, eight adults with type 2 diabetes to see whether the drink produced any effect. The volunteers had three ketone drinks a day for five days and had their weight, cholesterol, and blood sugar monitored. Their weight dropped an average of nearly two per cent (in 5 days), as did their levels of glucose, cholesterol and fat in the blood.

In another study, Dr. Clarke gave 22 elite rowers the ketone drink and monitored the distances they achieved in 30 minutes on an indoor rowing machine.

One rower broke a world record and five others beat their personal best.


I am thoroughly geeked-up about the potential of this supplement.

Fingers crossed people.



  1. So why not just cut carbs to induce nutritional ketosis naturally, and also gai nthe benefits of reduce blood sugar levels and insulin levels. The natural way is surely better than yet another product designed for a quick fix

  2. Agreed.

    The problem IMHO is that the vast majority of people will never do the “better” thing. For a plethora of reasons, we’re getting fatter & lazier & sicker year after year and only a small minority actually take charge of their own health.

    We all SHOULD take charge of our own health…but we don’t


  3. I agree, people ARE lazy and need everything handed to them in nice little packages, otherwise they won’t do anything… even if it’s their own health, pretty sad. Nevertheless I’m hyped about this product, if it has half the benefits they think it has, there might be something great in store here.

  4. Interesting that it holds up as something which could in part slow down brain degeneration- I really hope if it does that, that it’s licensed!

  5. Hey mate, nice post. How do you think, if at all, this drink differs from ingesting MCT oil? The effects sound quite similar.

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