This Killer Leg Workout Will Have You Cryin’ For Yo’ Mama

I have a nasty little leg workout for you today. Simple but nasty.

  • Load a bar with half your body-weight (incl the bar weight)
  • Put it on your back
  • Squat all the way down – ass to ankles
  • Repeat for 100 reps
  • Complete all 100 reps as quickly as possible – 10 minute Maximum

killer leg workout

If you can complete this in under 5 minutes, you need to take it up a notch by not racking the bar at any time during the 100 reps of excruciating pain & nausea. You can rest whenever you want, but you have to keep standing with the bar on your back

If you’re up for the challenge, try to beat my time….

  • 135 lbs (I am weighing 248 right now, but it was easier to just load the bar with a 45 lb plate on either side)
  • 7 min 22 seconds
  • and I never rested the bar
have fun

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  1. hmmmm. legs are a trouble spot for me – so what the heck. I have nothing to loose trying this workout. seems too isolated though. will this be enough for a FULL leg workout.

  2. @Charlotte74 That’s where your wrong! It’s a sure fire way to a great ass and toned legs 😉

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