Body Transformation 2013

Starting next month, I am beginning a series of articles detailing all of the nasty details involved in the transformation of a new client of mine.

We will be looking at all of the interconnected factors involved in this process:

  • Dietary
  • Physical activity – amount, type, etc
  • Psychological / Emotional / Motivational
  • Medical
  • Social

The client is a 40-something year old man who…

  • needs to lose 50 pounds
  • suffers from insulin insensitivity
  • is clinically depressed
  • and has hypertension

This series will blend into other HH articles as he will be performing the Best Body 2013 workouts. This means that the BB 2013 workouts will initially be designed for an obese, de-trained client and will be increasing in intensity & complexity as the transformation will allow.

Note – We will be posting pictures, but since my client is well known here in Toronto, we will be cropping his head out of the images.

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