Aspire Assist = Medically Assisted Bulimia

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, but we now live in a topsy-turvy world where….

  1. Obesity is a major medical and financial problem.
  2. Young girls (and now boys) are under a lot of peer pressure to NOT BE FAT.

As a result of #2, doctors tell our kids that bulimia is very, very, very bad and that instead of binging & purging, they should eat a healthy diet and be more physically active.


Unfortunately, as a result of #1…

  • We have also seen an explosion in the number of people undergoing major surgery to help them lose weight, and
  • We have the creation and medical approval of the AspireAssist Aspiration Therapy System…


A medical device which replaces a bulimic’s fingers with….

  1. A tube which is surgically implanted in the stomach and is attached to…
  2. A Skin-Port which is equipped with a valve which is attached to…
  3. A battery operated pump which…
  4. Sucks a portion of your stomach contents out of your gut…
  5. And mechanically vomits/poops them into your toilet.

Don’t believe me?

If that wasn’t gross enough for you…here is a real-life example of the AspireAssist Aspiration Therapy System in action.

Does anyone else see the irony here???

  • Self-directed bulimia is BAD
  • Medically-assisted bulimia is GOOD


This is quite a society we are building here. Idiocracy…here we come.


  1. What makes me so sad about people that opt for these “easy” answers to solve their weight issues is that they miss out on all that you learn from transforming your lifestyle towards a healthy diet and active life style.

    Not only do you under go physical changes when you incorporate these changes, but there is an important mental and emotional change that occurs too. I’m afraid people that take the fast and easy surgical track miss out on this.

  2. Besides allowing people to develop an attitude that they can eat with impunity and just suck it out later, what is the risk of infection at the port site?? So gross!!!

    Weight loss surgery, in contrast, is a life-saving procedure for people who are appropriate candidates. As a powerful tool, it requires strict adherence to post-op lifestyle changes that the surgical modification necessitates must be for life. My WLS clients have been some of the most committed people I’ve ever met! I devoted a full chapter in my book to WLS.

  3. Hey Dagny

    I agree that WLS is an important and powerful tool for morbidly obese individuals. And the Aspire Assist does present a slightly less intrusive medical procedure.

    My issue is not so much with the device (or WLS for that matter) itself but with the fact that we have created a society where this problem is allowed to flourish. It blows my mind that we accept medical procedures like the Aspire Assist as necessary but we do next to nothing to prevent the problem in the first place

    For an race of intelligent creatures, human beings are pretty stupid.

  4. Point well taken, Doug! Just because Dean Kamen invented this THING, as far as I’m concerned, it’s still in the category of every other gimmick and crash diet that claims you can “eat all you want and still lose weight!” No one should be so naive as to think people won’t use it to eat garbage with the intention that they’ll just vacuum it out!

    I wrote in my book about the Adipotide pill that is in development. That drug would kill people if it comes to market and for some people, completely undermine any reason they ever saw to take responsibility for their nutritional health. Scary.

  5. Morbid obesity means that years or decades even of overweight has already taken a big toll on all major organs and body functions. Liver; Pancreas; Kidneys all crushed. Intestines manhandled. Continuously high blood pressure increases formation of plaques in arteries, causing vascular disease. Hip; knee; and ankle joints destroyed by weight. Even with complete reversal of the digestive misfortunes, the damage to the rest of the body could still be horrifying. A poor legacy for the rest of the remainder life. — Obviously the patient considering this device has already become well aware of the certainty of death by a range of symptoms that tells one thing: you wont live to be 75 years. Even if you did live so many years, it would be a daily misery fore every day of those years. — Realizing a chronic disease may trigger suicidal thoughts. Perhaps even as bold as to say: always, regardless of the overall spiritual strength of the subject. — The risks of this device are extremely high. Controversial is: the risks are equally balanced, 50-50 with the patients discovery that his current ailment will most certainly become the end of him. This diabolic device could be that last minute turnaround for a man that have decided to jump off a bridge, due to current misery. The decommissioning procedure of the Bio port was not described anywhere. Is the removal of bio port analogous to healing from a peptic ulcer?

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