Best Body Workout – 2013 – Week 1 – Day 2

It’s workout #2 of our  Best Body Transformation 2013 series. Just to re-cap one last time, these workouts are designed…

  • to be performed at home (or the gym or outdoors)
  • are the actual workouts I am using with my client

What I am attempting to do is create workouts that can be performed by a wide range of trainees – from beginners all the way to professional athletes. To do this, I am setting up a structure where…

  • I am using exercises that aren’t very complicated
  • weight/resistance is determined by the trainee’s level of ability
  • intensity level is determined by the trainee’s level of ability

I have been beta-testing these workouts for months on a wide variety of people, and I am pretty darn satisfied with them. However, if you find any flaws, please please please shoot me a comment with your concerns.


This is the same workout I use with most of my clients. The goal is to lubricate your joints, mentally get you in workout mode  and physically warm up your muscles – making them more elastic and ready to work. Circles – Starting with the ankles and moving all the way up to your neck, gently make circles with all of your joints – 10 revolutions each joint in each direction

Dead Bug – Push your lower back into the floor and articulate your arms & legs as in the video. 1 set of as many reps as possible with your lower back pushed into the floor. When your back starts to arch…STOP

1 Arm Swing Snatch – 25 reps per arm  – Dumbbell or kettlebell – choose a light weight – the goal is to warm-up


  • Like Monday, we are going to use a series of 5 minute supersets…alternating body-parts to maximize recovery.
  • Keep rest periods as short as YOUR fitness level will allow.
  • No sitting while you’re resting – stretch a muscle while you’re catching your breath
  • Don’t sacrifice good for for a few extra reps – watch the videos
  • Push yourself as hard as YOU can. Pretend I am there…screaming at you!!!!

Superset #1 


  1. Bulgarian Split Squats
  2. Toes to the Ceiling 
  • 5 Minutes – Set your timer or watch a clock
  • 30 seconds per exercise per set
  • For Bulgarians, alternate legs between sets
  • Perform as many reps as possible with proper form
  • Minimize rest between sets
  • No partial reps – full range of motion
  • If you need to add resistance to the squats, hold onto 1 or 2 dumbbells/kettlebells


Superset #2 


  1. Bodyweight Shoulder Press
  2. Single Leg Hip Thrust – feet elevated
  • 5 Minutes – Set your timer or watch a clock
  • 30 seconds per exercise per set
  • For Hip Thrusts, alternate legs between sets
  • Perform as many reps as possible with proper form
  • Minimize rest between sets
  • No partial reps – full range of motion


Superset #3 


  1. Bodyweight SkullCrusher
  2. Shuffle Jump Lunges
  • 5 Minutes – Set your timer or watch a clock
  • 30 seconds per exercise per set
  • Perform as many reps as possible with proper form
  • Minimize rest between sets
  • No partial reps – full range of motion
  • For the skullcrushers, make sure that your elbows are always pointing DOWN towards the floor


For some of you, this is the end of the “workout” portion of the workout. If you’ve pushed yourself HARD, you might be running out of gas. If this is the case, it’s time to do the “cool down” portion of the workout and get on with the rest of your day.

For those of you who have built up more endurance, I want you to start repeating these supersets.

Let YOUR fitness level and recovery ability dictate how many more supersets you are going to perform. Ditch the ego…use some common sense.

Personally, I did 3 rounds of this workout last week – for a total of 9 supersets. It took me 58 minutes to do the 45 minutes of exercises. At the end, I was pooped and really sweaty.

Our guinea-pig client did 5 supersets the first time he tried this workout. He would have done more, but his form was failing and I made him stop.


For the cool down, I want you to take 15 minutes and do some physical therapy on the muscles that you just trained:

  • Legs
  • Shoulders
  • Back
  • Core

Grab a rope, band tennis ball, lacrosse ball, yoga ball, golf ball wrapped up in a sock or one of these and start mashing your muscles. Here are some “how-to” videos.


  1. Having trouble understanding the breakdown of the supersets. Set my timer, then what? Could you break it down for this not too bright beginner.



  2. Hi Phil – If I wasn’t clear enough for you, it probably isn’t clear for others. Thanks for commenting…let’s see if I can break it down for you.

    Each superset lasts 5 minutes
    Within each superset you are performing two exercises – for example…shoulder presses and hip thrusts

    This is what I want you to do…

    Perform a 30 second long set of shoulder presses…don’t worry about counting reps. Do as many as you can (with good form) in the 30 seconds.
    Rest as needed…keeping the rest period as short as possible
    Perform a 30 second long set of hip thrusts
    Rest as needed

    Repeat until the 5 minutes has expired

    As you get stronger and your energy systems get more efficient, you will be able to perform more reps per set with less rest

    I hope this explains it better…let me know if it doesn’t. It’s my fault if it’s not clear to every reader

  3. So really, it feels like you need two timers–one to count the 30 second sets and another to tell you when five minutes is up. Unless I’m missing something obvious. (If I’m working out, I’m not going to have enough attention left over to count to 30, so that’s out.)

    And serious question–is the “you have to work every day for the rest of your life” thing actually supposed to be motivating? For someone like me, who really doesn’t like working out, the idea of having to do something I hate every day for the rest of my life is not motivating, it’s depressing.

  4. The new timers (Gymboss Max or other smartphone apps – HIIT timer – free Android) allow for custom timing settings. The easiest solution for you might be to set a timer for 30 – 10 second intervals…that way, you will get a final “all-done” beep at 5 min (300 seconds) and all you need to do is count 3 beeps for each 30 second set

    Alternately, you could keep your eye on a wall clock or just guess-timate th

  5. Hi..I just started training with my Mom and this is our day 2…I didn’t know how I can make the skull crusher exercise at home?..any special equipment or sth that I can use at home?
    Also she’s overweight and is worried the workouts may hurt her knees and back, she’s over 50.
    what do you think?

  6. Hi Nourhan

    Re the skullcrushers, focus on the movement & not the equipment. If you’re strong enough, your kitchen table is a great choice. Basically, the more horizontal you hold your body, the harder the exercise gets. The more vertical you hold your body, the easier it is.

    For your Mom, I would suggest you have her try using a flight of stairs (facing the stairs looking upstairs) or use a stand in a doorway and hold onto the door-jamb (that way her elbows won’t bump into anything) or face a wall if neither of those options works (this might be tough on her wrists – have her make fists and position her wrists/hands like she was holding a hammer in each hand)

    The skullcrusher is essentially a modified push-up where you make sure your elbows stay clos to your sides and the elbows point down instead of out to the side.

    I hope this helps…fingers crossed

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