Jaybird Bluebuds X Wireless Bluetooth Headphones : The BEST Exercise Headphones???

As a “moderately successful” health & fitness blogger, I am constantly getting emails & tweets from companies that want me to plug their products.

After informing them that my policy for product reviews requires that I test their product with a number of my training clients and that I only post reviews of products/services that get an enthusiastic thumbs-up from ALL my guinea-pigs, most of the companies decide to pass on the review.

One of the companies that didn’t disappear was JayBird.

Jaybird makes a line of wireless bluetooth headphones designed for athletes and people who like to get sweaty on a regular basis.

For this experiment, Jaybird sent me a pair of their BlueBuds X to beta-test.

Here are the results of my real-world beta-test…

  • Taking phone calls while driving….PASS
  • Making voice activated phone calls…PASS
  • Stability and sound quality while jogging…PASS
  • Stability and sound quality while playing some shinny…PASS
  • Stability and sound quality while performing a highly-active resistance training workout…PASS

I also made use of the X-Fit clips which get rid of any dangling cord and let the Buds fit snug against the back of your neck. Normally, I won’t use this feature as my business requires me to be available via my cellphone, BUT when I do decide to block out the rest of the world, I will definitely use this feature.[/box]

With the cord snug behind your neck, you don’t feel the headphones at all.


I can highly recommend the Bluebuds X as a day-to-day bluetooth headphone for hands-free use while driving AND as a seriously BADASS pair of sport/exercise/workout bluetooth headphones.