Reebok: Live With Fire

Back in the olden days, before I started blogging as Health Habits, I ran a pretty darn successful personal training business up here in Toronto.  I trained clients six days a week and helped other trainers grow their knowledge & client base.  And I felt pretty good about my contribution to make the world just a little bit healthier, fitter & sexier.

But it wasn’t enough. There were only so many hours in the day that I could work with clients.

  • So…I started Health Habits. And after a few months, I started interacting with all these awesome people who had found my blog.

But that wasn’t enough. It’s really hard for us wee fitness bloggers to get noticed by Google. (Google still favors the big guys Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Livestrong, etc).

  • So…I started messing around with social media…Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest.  And after another few months, I started interacting with a whole new group of people interested in talking about health & fitness.

But it still isn’t enough.

To really have an major effect on the health & fitness of people around the world, you need money and global brand recognition and celebrities and more money for advertising…print, online & tv.

And that’s where a company like Reebok can play a super-important role in helping turn around our current global culture of obesity, inactivity and poor health.


Here’s the deal…Reebok has recently launched a new brand/clothing line/advertising campaign called Live with Fire.

And as with most sport/fitness ad campaigns, Reebok has put together a bunch of extremely motivational commercials focusing on a bunch of uber-fit athletes. Believe me, this first commercial will get you pumped.

However…unlike the typical sporting goods ad campaigns, Reebok is going beyond the typical hero worship commercial. Reebok seems to be really, really serious about getting Joe Six-Pack and Suzy Soda-Pop to see these athletes not only as role models…but as actual human beings who have to work really hard to be as fit as they are.

  • Reebok isn’t selling us the dream of being a pro athlete.
  • They’re trying to sell us a potential reality….of what we can be if we work at it….if we Live with Fire.

And of course….if we choose to buy a whole bunch of Reebok gear, then I’m sure that’s fine with them too. They are a business after all.

It’s brilliant. We all know that we need to eat better…and move better…and live better. But most of us are also lazy as hell.

And that’s where the mega-bucks and brand recognition of Reebok can have an effect far greater than anything little ole Health Habits can do.

So, check out the Live with Fire videos and spread the word to all your friends who NEED some motivation to get in shape.

And if you want to tell them about Health Habits at the same time…I would appreciate it.

Thanks in advance.



  1. What happened was Reebok dumped their ad agency, went back to their old agency which is now much bigger (McGarry Bowen) and demanded “We want something better than “Just Do It” and we want it NOW DAMMIT!!!” McGarry Bowen’s got a lot riding on this.

    Why yes I DO read Ad Age!

  2. Thanks Dagny. There is a ton of money riding on these ad campaigns. IMHO, it’s pretty cool that companies are responding to public sentiment for healthier lifestyles. Last night, I was picking up groceries and by peeking into people’s carts, you can see that people are trying to make better choices.

    This lazy lifestyle isn’t going to turn around quickly and the big companies wouldn’t be making any changes if they weren’t being pushing by people such as yourself, but I am feeling a little bit hopeful that change may be coming.

    Sorry Brit…maybe the US commercial will hit the spot

  3. I doubt it. Like I’ve said before, I don’t like working out–I hate being sweaty and in pain–so you’re not going to motivate me to do something I don’t like to do. The closest I’ve probably gotten is with this ad:

  4. I totally get what you mean about the Leah Michelle video. It’s very relateable to us “normal” people where pro athletes and naturally lean people…not so much.

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