Is Phys Ed Making a Comeback?

It feels like we have just entered into some sort of Bizarro world my friends.

We all know that politicians will say anything to get elected.

  • They’ll promise lower taxes
  • They’ll promise increased services
  • They’ll sell over their first-born child if it will get them into office.

Because of this, you can imagine my surprise when I read that the wanna-be Premier of Ontario, Mr. Tim Hudak, is promising that Ontario school kids would get 45 minutes of mandatory physical activity in school in addition to phys ed classes as part of a Progressive Conservative prescription for a healthier province“.


Which is weird considering that for years and years, school boards and politicians have been removing physical activity from schools as a non-essential part of the school day.

As if our overweight, diabetic, ADHD suffering kids couldn’t use a little extra bit of exercise.

Is common sense coming back to politics???



  1. If they’re talking about elementary school kids and them actually getting recess, great. (As long as they don’t do it by cutting arts classes.)

    The part for kids above Grade 7 makes me wary. I understand that things are different between the US and Canada, but I was done with phys ed by about sophomore year of high school, and was busy taking advanced academic classes, participating in clubs, and working after school. If I was forced to drop an academic class to take phys ed all through school, and then made to work out for what amounts to another class period somewhere during the day, that would have caused some serious problems. I did take Taekwondo, which would (maybe?) count, but that was only two or three days a week. I’m concerned about how they’d track this, and what the consequences would be. If a kid doesn’t meet the 45 minute requirement, what would they do? Fail them?

  2. I think there “should be” lots of options for phys-ed – dance, geocaching, martial arts, etc… And if you take some form of exercise outside of school, that should be able to be applied for phys ed credit as well.

  3. Okay, so let’s say the phys ed credit (if it can be made up outside of school) would be 45 minutes, I think that was a short class time for me in high school. Combined with the additional 45 minutes kids in Grade 7 and above would have to do, that’s 1.5 hrs each day.

    In my case, Taekwondo classes were about an hour long and 2 or 3 days per week. Let’s say 3 to be generous. That would leave me with a half hour deficit on three days and 1.5 hrs to do on the other two days (assuming they’re just talking about the school week and not the weekend). So if, between clubs and homework and a part-time job, I couldn’t fit in the rest of my mandatory activity, what would my punishment be? What would you have it be?

  4. I have no idea how it would…especially considering this is just a trial balloon being floated by a politican getting ready for the next election

  5. That’s kind of my point–I’m all for encouraging kids to be more active, and giving them more time to do so (like more recess for young kids). But once you start making things mandatory, you’re on shaky ground.

  6. I agree…and I would also extend that sentiment to the mandatory education classes. While I was a good student in pretty much all my classes, I had a buddy who sucked at math. I remember spending hours in the library trying to help him understand the concepts…and nothing ever stuck. He felt like such an idiot in class. Needless to say, his talents lay elsewhere and he has NOT gone on to a career as a mathematician.

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