The Secret Behind Your Addiction to Junk Food

Pulitzer prize winning journalist Michael Moss spent four years researching the scientific research that goes into each bag, box or bottle of processed / junk food.

And what he found, should freak you out.

Teams of scientists spending millions of dollars researching bliss points and maximum bite force and sensory specific satiety…all with the aim of keeping you eating ‘food’ that is high in calories, sugar, salt & fat and virtually devoid of actual nutrition.

And they are very, very good at it.

And because…

  1. They are very, very good at their jobs.
  2. Their lobbyists are good at influencing politicians
  3. Government heavily subsidizes their industry
  4. They spend billions on marketing to both adults & children
  5. And most of us are equal parts lazy and uneducated about nutrition

…the sales of ‘real food’ continue to drop while the sales of ‘processed food’ continue to rise.

Also rising are….

  1. The rate of childhood and adult obesity
  2. The rate of type 2 diabetes
  3. The rate of heart disease
  4. The rate of obesity-related cancers
  5. The rate of Alzheimers
  6. Healthcare costs associated with these conditions

Something to think about the next time you go to the supermarket.

You really should buy Salt Sugar Fat. Or at least take it out from the library



  1. This is just a straightforward and to-the-point blog; and to quote from it, “And most of us are equal parts lazy and uneducated about nutrition,”, this shows that majority of the people don’t give a damn about what they eat, only relying on what I may call criminal deceit of some scientists and their paymaster-food industrialists. On the other hand, I would not blame the consumer very much because the government agents should have known better to understand that their citizens are being fed on junks that would, inevitably, result in premature deaths arising from the health consequences of these foods.

    Even though the human being likes money and comfort, he should not sacrifice the lives of his fellow citizens on the altar of greed. It’s very horrible. In any case, we shall continue to educate the larger society on the dangers of indulging on such death-procuring meals.

  2. The consumer AND the producer are both responsible for the mess WE have gotten ourselves into 😦

  3. Interesting.

    So do you think that companies shouldn’t be able to make their foods taste better? Do you think that we shouldn’t have food companies like this at all? What’s your solution?

    (I’ll continue eating my Cheez-Its, by the way.)

  4. At one point, food companies produced real food. Over the years, the drive for profits and corporate survival (it’s a bloodthirsty business) has resulted in cost lowering – replacing real food with chemicals, etc), increasing demand – chemicals, salt, sugar, fat, etc and all of the other unpleasant details outlined in the book.

    My solution woulld be to have the food companies apply all of their broad knowledge to producing healthier products.

    Unfortunately, the first company that does this will be destroyed by the others who don’t change. And a lot of jobs will probably be lost.

    This part of the equation is often ignored by health geeks such as myself. Their concern is for the health of the consumer…with no concern for the people who work for the producers. And that’s not fair or sensible.

    What would I do?

    I would give the FDA and related agencies more power & money to effectively combat the food industry lobbyists/lawyers.
    I would launch a massive education campaign to inform the consumer
    I would require full transparency on product ingredients for all products in the food chain
    I would ban junk food advertising to children
    I would create a rating system re the “healthfulness” of foods and have the products grade printed on the packaging – this is a problematic suggestion – who creates the rating system???
    I would slap a ‘sin tax’ on the least nutritious foods and have that tax applied directly to health promotion activities & the healthcare system

    No bans…no infantilizing the public

  5. I am very, very wary of sin taxes, because I’m afraid they will always hurt the poor the most.

  6. Agreed. It’s definitely not a problem witha an obvious simple solution. Problem is …politicians love simple solutions

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