Be the Best You that You Can Be

Every day, I speak with people who want to transform their body from fat to fit. And for the most part, I tell them that the human body is an amazingly adaptable machine that WILL respond to exercise, nutrition, etc.

Unfortunately, sometimes I have to splash a little cold water on their hopes & dreams. Just like Mssrs Ecto, Meso & Endo, we all face unique limitations and restrictions.

  • Mr. Meso’s waist is great for bodybuiding…but not so good for becoming the World’s Strongest Man
  • And while Mr. Endo is built for pulling transport trucks out of ditches, he is never, ever going to be as lean as Mr. Ecto without a boatload of illegal and life-threatening drugs.

We all have limitations…

  • Physical – wide hips, narrow hips, small boobs, big boobs, muscle fiber type, metabolic rate, etc…
  • Mental – self-confidence and belief in their ability to improve
  • Financial – gym memberships, trainers, healthy food & supplements cost money
  • Social – support of friends & family isn’t guaranteed
  • Knowledge – Some people still believe that cardio is the best way to lose weight
  • Time – we are all stuck with this one 😦

And while most of us will never be hired to be the next Calvin Klein model…


…we sure as heck can be better than we are today.

Be the Best You that You Can Be


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  1. Nice post! I totally agree with you, everyone can become a better version of him/herself, but everyone has different genetic dispositions so nobody can look the same like another individual.

  2. Nudity? Really? I am sure i am not alone in occasionally checking this blog at work over lunch for health and exercise guidance. Including nudity on our site is totally unnecessary, unexpected, and could get your followers into a LOT of trouble. Please keep your site safe for work.

  3. Note – while I don’t have an issue with the occasional nipple showing up on HH, I certainly don’t NEED to post images with nipples…and Craig made a great point about my site being accessed by readers while at work.

    Because of this, I yanked the pic of Marky Mark and Kate Moss and replaced it with a solo image of a young Mr. Wahlberg.

    On a related note, I hope all the HR directors around the world are okay with their co-workers gazing at male nipples on their lunch breaks. By my count, we have 8 male nipples on display in this post. 🙂

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