Coca Cola to End Canadian Obesity Epidemic

Today is an important day in the history of Canada. From this day forward, Canadians will recognize April 23 as the day Coca Cola came to our rescue and helped us save ourselves from the medical scourge known as obesity.

Because on this day, Coca-Cola Canada announced the launch of a national campaign to inspire Canadians to come together to find real solutions to this important issue affecting our society.

“This campaign aims to inform people about the concept of energy balance, educate them on our products and inspire Canadians to live more active, healthy lives,” said Nicola Kettlitz, president Coca-Cola Ltd.

Wait a second…that sounds like a big pile of marketing BS to me…let’s check the BS detector…


Yup, just as I suspected…total marketing BS.

If only we could have a little honesty injected into the discussion.

So…what do YOU think?

  • Is Coca-Cola being honest?
  • Or is it just marketing BS?



  1. BTW, I would like to apologize for the giant dose of sarcasm I inserted into this post 🙂

  2. You would have to be gullible to fall for that, but I don’t think it matters since people want to drink coke regardless.

  3. I’d go for marketing B.S. on this – and on top of that it seems cynical too, especially trying to say their drinks are no worse than any other form of food or drink.

  4. Well Coca Cola make more profit per can on diet products so they would be fine with people switching to Diet to move away from calories, fructose, sucrose, carbs or anything else.

  5. I really actually thought Coca Cola was going to stop producing for Canada as it goes on its global crusade of obesity cans.

  6. One way to tell just how much BS is involved here is to find out what proportion of these “Obesity” ads are now running in comparison to their regular ads.
    Coke could afford to run anything up to 30% of these type of ads without doing much, (if any), harm to their total sales.
    If they were really serious, which they are not, they would run these ads in prime time and withdraw ALL their current advertising. – But will they? Not on YOUR LIFE! – And that’s what’s at stake: Your Life!
    And BTW. If what they say is correct, and it is, why aren’t they running similar ads in every country where coke products are sold?

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