Who is Your Favorite Fitness Blogger / Tweeter / Tumblr / FBer / Pinner???

Believe it or not, in just four short months, it will be January 2014…and just like every other January since the beginning of time, millions of people are going to:

  • Resolve to “get into shape”…
  • Go shopping for the latest celebrity diet/fitness book
  • While ignoring all of the amazing non-celebrity fitness bloggers / tweeters / tumblrs / pinners scattered all over the internet.

Missing out on some health & fitness advice that actually works and costs a whole lot less than a delivery from Amazon.

So, as a personal service to everyone involved, I am asking for a little feedback from you – my fitness friends. Tell em about your favorite fitness sources by leaving their name, websites, social media profiles, reviews, testimonials, etc in the comment section below.

[colored_box color=”yellow”]Come late December of this year, I will take all your comments and assemble a “Best Of” article with links to all your hidden gems. [/colored_box]

And with the awesome power of social media, we can spread that list far and wide, helping all those January 1st fitness virgins while simultaneously rewarding your favorite fitness bloggers / tweeters / tumblrs / face bookerspinners with new readers and followers.

It’s going to be a real win/win/win….unless you don’t leave a comment 😦

Who is your favorite fitness blogger / tweeter / tumblr / pinner???

(and don’t say me…my ego can’t get any bigger)


  1. LeanGains created by Martin Berkhan has challenged the traditional bodybuilder diet and proven that you can lose fat and gain muscle without eating chicken and rice 6 times a day.

  2. Martin Berkhan of Lean Gains. He’s the only one who will never compromise his own personal standards and always delivers the most consistently-solid information (no bro-science).

  3. Martin is good, but quirky and doesn’t seem to care about his audience (I think he would be just fine talking to himself in a corner, than interacting). He has been talking about a book for like a 1/2 a decade now or longer I quit keeping track but has not delivered. It is starting to make me wonder if he is having trouble finding sources for his concepts or finding more counters then sources which makes it hard to make bold statements.

    Don’t get me wrong he is good, I use a modified form of his intermittent fasting and believe in it, I just got tired of all the hype, waiting, and his attempt to be the final word on everything but never really delivering the final word.

  4. In no particular order… they are all AMAZING.

    Martin Berkhan – leangains.com
    Mark Sisson – marksdailyapple.com
    Kelly Starrett – mobilitywod.com

  5. Ann Gates @exerciseworks knows all we need to know about physical activity and benefits for health and wellbeing. She shares and gives her wisdom on her website and twitter.

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