The 12 Most Amazing Hollywood Physique Transformations

11.   Ryan Reynolds

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Prior to his role opposite Wesley Snipes in Blade: Trinity, Ryan Reynolds was best known for his roles in Two Guys, a Girl And a Pizza Place and Van Wilder.

The part of Hannibal King was nothing like his previous work.

Reynolds crafted a seriously ripped & muscular physique by…

  • eating every three hours,
  • consuming 3500 calories per day…never eating carbs past 8pm,
  • banging out massive amounts of ab work,
  • following a bodybuilding style workout with an 8-12 rep scheme


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  5. Robert DeNiro
  6. Robert Downey Jr.
  7. Ryan Gosling
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  9. Edward Norton
  10. Brad Pitt
  11. Ryan Reynolds
  12. Will Smith

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  1. didn’t expect to see Michael Chiklis’ name on this list…but seriously…

    I have the utmost respect for all these actors and others that are able to transform themsleves like this, but one thing I often say to friends and family members who I disuss fitness/fat loss with: these actors are being paid-usually milliions of dollars-to make these transformations…also, I have ZERO doubt that at least half of them are using some combination of steroids/GH/???

  2. I really respect how deep some of them get into character. My question is from a health standpoint, are there any effects, maybe as they get to middle age, on their overall health specially for those who transform so drastically.

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