5 Reasons You Should Go Gluten Free

5 Best Steps to Going Gluten Free

1) Stop listening to the ridiculous myths that it is difficult. With an open mind take a look at so many of us that are 100% gluten free and thriving! Media has it all wrong and you don’t want to wait 20 years until they finally figure things out.

2) Make switches one by one (unless you are medically diagnosed intolerant, in which case you need to drop all gluten overnight). Try gluten free breads one week, then cereal the next, etc. Pasta is actually the easiest one to switch and I dare anyone to be able to taste the difference.


3) For any baking you need to immediately ditch the toxic-bleached-hybridized never-expires flour and switch to organic gluten free options. No research needed, here it is on one sentence: chick pea or brown rice flour for breads and cakes, rice or almond flour for pastries and note that almond flour will naturally sweeten so here’s a great opportunity to start eliminating the other evil in your life (white sugar). You have many more options but with those 3 alone you can bake anything!

4) Start learning about where gluten is hiding in your food: most ice-creams have wheat or barley in them, seasonings have fillers, regular soy sauce has wheat,… this is a long list and that brings us to #5 of how to go gluten free…


5) Don’t let “misinformation wildfire” fool you. The internet is a wonderful place to access information quickly however the down side is that if someone posts wrong information, it gets re-tweeted and re-posted and within an hour it has hit 3 million eyes. Within a day it is copied onto thousands of sites. You see the same info everywhere and assume it must be correct. Gluten damage is very serious – be extra careful of your sources.


About the Author – Jaqui Karr, csn, cvd

As I said in my intro, Jaqui is my personal Gluten Guru. I am a big fan of her work and am really proud about how she has been gaining a ton of respect in the gluten/nutrition world over the past couple of years. Not only does Jaqui know the science of gluten, she has actually lived through a serious medical journey thanks to gluten.

Jaqui almost died from gluten… and as a result, she spent years researching all the facts from scratch, pulling up medical studies from around the world, and researching foods one by one for an entire year to make sure that this never happened to her (or the people she loved) ever again.

Soon after, she started her blog, which led to her books…and her video series – Gluten Demystified…and her being asked to give talks around the world. Funny how a potential tragedy can sometimes turn into a good thing. It’s a weird little world we live on.

If you want to learn more about going gluten-free from Jaqui, give her a shout on social media or check out her blog or buy one of her books or check her out at The Gluten Summit (Nov. 11-17, 2013) or buy her video series Gluten Demystified.