Health Habits “How-To” Exercise Videos – Push Ups

I am launching a new project here at Health Habits.

Starting this week, I will be posting…

  • a group of “how-to” exercise videos on Mondays,
  • another group of “how-to” exercise videos on Tuesdays, and
  • a short (4 min) High Intensity Resistance Training circuit workout video on Wednesdays

Wednesday’s 4-min circuit workout video will be made up of the exercises posted on Monday & Tuesday.


As the video library grows, I will create full-length (20 minute) High Intensity Resistance Training workout videos. These videos will be posted on Thursdays…and will include instructions on how to add mobility, flexibility, HIIT and/or cardio training to the resistance training workout video to look after all your exercise needs.

So…here we go….

HealthHabits “How-To” Exercise Videos #1 – Push Ups

Push Ups from your Knees

Push Ups – Standard

Push Ups – Single leg version

Push Ups – Feet on stability ball

NOTE – As this is my first attempt at doing exercise – workout videos, I would really, really appreciate your feedback on the quality / usability of these videos. My goal is to make them useful for people who workout at home (video on their tv sets or laptop) & at the gym (video on smartphone or tablet).

grover sesame street exercise

And before anyone compliments me on my awesome videographer skills with multiple camera angles and video editing and original music and all the other stuff that makes these videos look waaaaayyyy better than all the other exercise – workout videos on Youtube… wasn’t me. I managed to convince an amazing young videographer – Lauren Webb…(her Vimeo page – her Tumblr)  – to do all the hard work for me.

I would also like to thank our fantastic fitness model Nicole for her endurance. Even though Nicole is a super-fit personal trainer at the JCC, you wouldn’t believe how many reps she had to perform as we changed angles and played with lighting, etc. Two hours of push-ups, squats and jumping jacks…without getting sweaty and un-model-ly.

Finally, I would like to thank Manny Amaral from the Miles Nadal JCC in Toronto for providing the location for the video shoot. Everyone at the JCC is great and Manny is no exception. With that said, if you’re looking for a new gym in Toronto, I can highly recommend that you ask for my buddy Manny at the JCC – Call and ask for him at (416) 924-6211 x 500  or  shoot him a direct email .


  1. Great start! I would briefly discuss the value of hand and arm placement, feet or toe placement and the speed of the push-up. Lastly, I would discuss “why should I do it this way”? What have you found to be of importance?

  2. I agree 100%…the biggest problem I face with these videos is brevity of words. I don’t know if everyone has ADD nowadays, but every beta test I did with these videos…everyone complained that there were too many words, too confusing, they can’t read all those details while watching the video.

    So, I had to keep editing and editing and editing.

    I’m sure that I will keep tweaking, but it is REALLY hard to give all my tips in three, very short sentences.

    Thanks for the feedback btw. I appreciate you taking the time

  3. Maybe put the words up by themselves before going to the video, so people don’t have to read and watch at the same time?

  4. I do…but every single woman I discussed this with said knee-pushups were 100% necessary. So, I included them as a “how-to”. I will be filming other variations as I move forward with this

  5. We played with that and probably will again. What I was thinking was to leave the brief (during the exercise) instructions in, but put in more detailed text instructions at the end of the video. That way people who don’t want them can pause the video and get on with the exercise and people who want more detailed instruction can get it.

    Thanks for the feedback Brit…it definitely helps

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